Like zabel: hesjedal confesses in penalty-free area

Erik zabel is already digging. With ex-giro winner ryder hesjedal’s questionable doping confession far from criminal territory, the next north american winner of a rough cycling tour has been convicted of sports fraud.

However, the sincerity of the canadian is in serious doubt. Hesjedal wants to have doped only in 2003. So he probably doesn’t have to fear any consequences due to the eight-year statute of limitations. Cycling canada immediately spoke out in favor of an amnesty in the case of its crude billboard.

He was "open and honest" about his past, hesjedal stressed in his published statement about doping offences in 2003, when he was still a mountain biker. "I have loved and lived this sport. But more than a decade ago I chose the wrong path," said hesjedal, who in 2012 became the only canadian to win the tour of italy. "Even though the mistake was more than a decade ago, it doesn’t change the fact that I made it and lived with it."

System klinsmann ruttelt at hertha hierarchy

In a rush, prominent coach addition jurgen klinsmann gives the 127-year-old and badly ailing hertha a fresh cell cure.

And even after the first few hours of getting to know the berlin pros and all the other protagonists of the fubball bundesliga team, it becomes clear that the former world champion and national coach is far more than just a helper in an emergency. "If you say A, so supervisory board, you also have to say B," klinsmann declared ahead of his second day coaching the 1930 and 1931 german champions. Heibt: together with new investor lars windhorst, klinsmann gets a rough redesign plan rolling.

"For the club as a whole, the arrival of klinsmann and his team is a great signal with a spirit of optimism," windhorst told the german press agency. Those who had assumed that the financial investor, who was involved in football for the first time in a public way, would leave the 224 million euros of his tennor group to hertha without any rough influence, were now allowed to think differently. First he had elevated his proxy klinsmann to the supervisory board, now klinsmann is coach. "Our idea – the interplay of capital and fubball intelligence – works," explained windhorst, even before the first ball rolls under klinsmann.

The rodental sports club (SG) is an extremely active grassroots sports club. The offers are becoming more and more complex, the SG is booming. With 1638 members in 2018, the SG looks back on a record year. "The association has reached a rough stage where we have to think seriously about how to proceed", said chairman michael scheler at the annual general meeting. "We have had a very strong membership development: in 2007 the low with 980 people and in 2018 the high with 1638", according to scheler. 84 new registrations last year alone, with the highest number in the 41 to 60 age group (rehabilitation sports). "We want to continue to expand the services offered in the adult sector",scheler said in view of these figures. "Furthermore, almost 50 percent of the members are younger than 18", says scheler. Of the 14 departments, gymnastics has the most members (about 500), followed by fubball (about 200), then swimming (about 140), martial arts, rehabilitation sports, show dancing, handball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis and darts. Currently 102 (five less than in the previous year) work as training supervisors (51 with/51 without a license). "In principle, there is a need in every department, we are always looking for people, partly among the exercise leaders, but any help is welcome everywhere", said scheler.

A lot was invested last year: a new oven insert and a fire alarm were installed in the youth center. In the sports center, the furnishings in the guest room were completed, an electronic cash register was introduced, a WLAN connection was set up, the kitchen was further optimized (pizza oven, refrigerated counter) and much more. The incomes and expenditures are again in the lot. The budget plans of the departments had been largely adhered to. The guesthouse has already earned the expenses for interest and repayment of the loan. The income from the economic sector continued to decrease. The chairman reported that premium income had increased. Since may 2018, the regular guesthouse operation has been running in the "SG-treff", which is operated in self-management. Flammkuchen/pizza and a french monthly beer are the bestsellers there. The club wanted to create a meeting place for all members of the club, but also a place to meet the people, and it has been successful. "I think the SG is such a small success story", said president thomas gehrlicher. The member auction proves this. Other clubs fought. "I think that also distinguishes us as an association, that we have people with ideas in the departments, who want to create something together."

"The SG club is very strong and covers a wide range of topics. You have a major influence on the sporting scene in rodental", thanked mayor marco steiner. Manja von nida

beauty award will not be given

On sunday (3 p.M.), the infranken-kick will be in weilersbach, where the gloria expects the spvgg from durrbrunn-unterleinleiter in the basement duel of the district class 2. Presumably, the spectators can expect a fight for survival fought with all means until the end, because both series are winless for six matchdays and need every payer, in order not to be nailed prematurely at the back. That's why this stylized six-point game will not be about the beauty prize. In the end only the bare result pays.

District 2

SV gloria weilersbach (13.) – spvgg durrbrunn (15.)
the similarities between the two rivals are quickly told. Both are conceding almost twice as many goals as they are scoring and have won only one of their eleven games so far – in the fifth game in each case. Before and after that, however, the supporters of both camps have hardly been spoiled with a sense of achievement. Although the gloria at least got four draws and is therefore one point better than "lada", but the last four games went without a point with 3:12 goals in the pants. The guests lost in comparison only the last three games, for that similar sparingly summed up with 3:10 goals. Nevertheless, both coaches go into this match with hopes, even if in both teams after a broad chest or the so-called "portion self-confidence" will have to be looked for – at least initially.

Simon dimter succeeded michael rodl as head coach of the SV and has been in office for just under a year as a playing coach – his first station as a full-time coach. The 30-year-old midfield strategist, a weilersbach native, kicked in the BOL in hirschaid and in buckenhofen (with the SV he was promoted to the landesliga in 2011) after his early years with the gloria, before he was recalled to his hometown club via weingarts. He had hoped for calmer waters this season after the mixed results of the previous year: "it's no use complaining about injured players, others have them too. But with markus trautner, jens erlwein and dominik seidel, three players have torn cruciate ligaments this year. Guiliano moscati has been ill since the end of august, philipp langmar is suffering from an ankle problem and has not yet been able to play in any matches."

Challenges - that's your area of expertise

2013 is no year like any other for burgwindheim. 2013 is the year of the 950th anniversary of the granting of the market rights to the forest town of 800 souls. A jubilee year, in other words. And thus also for christine rottmund no year like the usual ones, although already the past one with the participation of the market municipality of burgwindheim in the bamberger state horticultural show was one with increased workload for her. 2013 is going to top this for the administrator. As a native of burgwindheim, christine rottmund is predestined for the special tasks that lie ahead. With it run in things jubilaumsvorbereitung the threads together. She is the anniversary representative. Therefore, it was also her duty to inform the market town council about the current state of affairs.

New year’s reception

the anniversary year was launched in january with the new year’s reception of the catholic church. A further high point is now the historical market with market weekend in july (13./14.) its.
The historic market is already taking shape, as christine rottmund’s remarks at the meeting chaired by first mayor heinrich thaler showed. Accordingly, seven different groups have already registered, which will then also make presentations. For example, shearing sheep, building bows and pushing bows. A marchener payer also signed up. To date 16 booths will decorate the historical market, booths with old professions like buttner, broom maker, potter.

But local companies will also be involved. Rottmund cited the stettler company, the muck nursery, the savings bank and the raiffeisenbank burgwindheim as the best examples. A separate stand is planned for children. She is in negotiation with further participants dear christine rottmund know, so that one can count on an extensive offer. The nightly fire show is to be a real jubilee experience. The historical market will take place along the hauptstrabe, and will include the adjacent farms. With themes such as "open farm day" or "open carpentry day.

Clubs in change

christine rottmund explains that she would also like the clubs to participate in the market weekend. She would like to involve them in the market events, for example under the motto "associations in the change of the times. She expressed her joy about the commitments already made by motor sport friends, singing club, fire department and TSV burgwindheim. In the coming weeks, there will be further discussions in connection with the festive weekend. Because with the present commitments such a market cannot be converted yet "there I need already still a little more".


parallel to the market hustle and bustle there should be camp hustle and bustle in the meadow ground. Christine rottmund has already won over six groups, each with "one to three tents". Man spurt, the burgwindheim woman brings elan and enthusiasm to this special mission. Why does she do this extra work, where the boundaries between work and leisure time have become increasingly blurred in recent months?? "Someone has to do it", she says about her spontaneous appointment by the mayor as anniversary commissioner. And: "these are challenges, and: such things are also fun for me." She is referring to contact with new groups and areas. Because, in fact, "order, tax, cemetery" is a challenge her area of expertise and, of course, "the whole social". The jubilee will then match this.

The mayor wanted to inform the market town council about how it is being prepared, "because the people don’t see it, but they talk about it" explains rottmund. She must have felt the same way, she says.

Why the bamberger fishermen sue

Sebastian schanz& markus klein it’s the job of a local newspaper to make things right. That’s why this year the frankischer tag wanted to set course for the sandkerwa in its own amphibious vehicle. On monday afternoon, our captain bernhard fischenich was supposed to launch his swimming car – bright red like a rubber boat – into the water and sail towards the marquee. The FT sailors sailed around all the bureaucratic maelstroms and shallows in a months-long approval process. At last, the road is clear! But like so many good ideas, this one has a hitch – at least. And this time it was on the fishing rod: the lower boatmen’s and fishermen’s guild complained about the last printer – and the amphibian tour thus fell through shortly before the start.

But not those of michael stoschek. Without his pioneering work we would never have come up with the idea for the trip. As is well known, the chairman of the shareholders’ meeting of the brose company has been driving his VW float across the regnitz river to the sandkerwa for several years now. However, there is no complaint from the fishermen’s guild against his trip. Why? "We don’t want this to become a regular thing and then the next one and the next one come along.", says a member of the guild and the kropf fishing family, who does not want to read his first name in the newspaper. Another mr. Kropf sees the water quality in danger: "with amphibious vehicles, oil and other lubricants always get into the water", he explains. "And there are sensitive biotopes here." The regnitz is becoming more and more heavily burdened. "Fish used to be plentiful here, but now they are dying out and we have to release them. We’re throwing a lot of money into the water for it."

But why then no complaint against stoscheck’s captain ambitions?? That had existed. He himself complained twice on the first trips, says the second kropf. However unsuccessfully. Stoschek had ridden on the water without registration or permission in 2012 and 2013, and in 2015 the city had even considered the action an administrative offense, but left it at a warning. In 2016, the entrepreneur got the green light because he ordered a functionary of the red cross – and the ride thus got an official touch. After the kerwa break in 2017, the burocratic waves were already much quieter in 2018. "It can be approved if there is a special event. And that is definitely the case with the sandkerwa", explained city spokeswoman ulrike siebenhaar at the time and added: "in principle, anyone else can also apply to come with their amphibious vehicle."

After the nail-biter in the european league qualifiers, only the facts paid off for vfb goalkeeper sven ulreich. "We have advanced in both cup competitions. That’s important at the beginning of the season," says the 25-year-old.

But there were no two opinions about how to proceed. "Two black eyes, wipe your mouth, let’s move on," was ulreich’s summary of vfb stuttgart’s very happy 0-0 draw against botev plovdiv. As in the 1-1 draw in the first leg and the 2-0 win over BFC dynamo in the DFB cup, the swabians were not convincing on thursday.

Bitter news for stuttgart: central defender georg niedermeier injured himself in an unnecessary duel and, according to an initial diagnosis, will be absent from vfb for several weeks with a torn ligament in his left knee. "This is bad news," said coach bruno labbadia.