At these temperatures hardly anyone says no to ice cream. In a waffle or in a cup, raspberry or vanilla – the main thing is cold and sub.
Even forzan doriano thinks ice cream is great. However, not only to eat, he makes the cold preciousness itself. Doriano works in the ice cream parlor of the kitzingen ice cream parlor cortina eis on the market square. Homemade italian ice cream since 1971. But how does it actually work?
For the strawberry ice cream, doriano mixes a liquid mixture of strawberry juice, whole fruits, sugar and a powder that later makes the ice cream solid. The whole thing is purified to get a pulpy juice. Then doriano adds a female paste called vellutina, an emulsifier preparation that makes the ice cream creamy as it is.

The ice cream maker pours the finished liquid into the ice cream machine. Here it is cooled down to minus 20 degrees celsius with constant stirring.

The ruhr machine turns and cools the ice cream for 15 minutes until it has become a solid, cold mass. And with that the strawberry ice cream is already as good as ready. With a long ice scraper, similar to a paddle, doriano takes the creamy mixture out of the machine. From there it goes directly into the sales tray. For some flavors, such as raspberry, doriano mixes a raspberry mixture into the finished ice cream to preserve the flavor. "Raspberry is the variety of the year", doriano tells. It has been the best seller so far this year.

father eye makes sanctuary complete

A temporary soldier asked for strength before he had to go to afghanistan and a frisormeisterin thanked him for passing the exam. The 25,000 or so people who visit marienberg each year have different concerns. A 98-year-old woman is an integral part of the family.

The schonstatt family did not expect such a large number of visitors when they turned the military area with its dilapidated buildings and broken windows into a shrine 20 years ago. The father’s eye, designed by priest andreas hornung and carved by gottfried stark from drosendorf, is now sent on pilgrimage. When it comes back, the chapel will be fully equipped with it.

Martin emge reminded the 20 year anniversary of the foundation. Birthday of the schonstatt family on marienberg to the early years. While some people were in a doomsday mood, christians were in a mood of departure into the new millennium. And indeed: on the marienberg, things really got going now. "Today, a new power plant is coming online", emge recalled the words of the then archbishop karl braun, who inaugurated the sanctuary.

Visual artists exhibit in munnerstadt

"Dream-seed – plastic poetry" the seven exhibiting master stone and wood sculptors call their sculptures in the trevpunkt gallery of the evangelical community center. They are all members of the gestaltungskreis bavaria, a sculptors’ initiative that originally set itself the goal of creating better grave memorials.

Trumpet trio in action

the vernissage was opened by the trumpet trio with pastor joachim pennig, felix katzenberger and harry koch, who together with gisela neugebauer (piano), the gospel choir of the auferstehungs-gemeinde and joachim pennig framed the celebration musically. Pennig called out a hearty "grub gott" to his guests and gave a warm welcome to the exhibiting sculptors.

"Away from the contentless industrially produced and copied tombstones" they wanted to begin, said the senior of the design circle of bavaria, rainer kuhn from wernfeld/gemunden, who has been a member of the design circle since 1974. 60 percent of all grave markers today came from china. This is a sign of the times, when 75 percent of the deceased were incinerated and many people were disposed of in so-called "peace forests" in an unacceptable manner, said kuhn.

It’s time to think about how the design group can continue to develop in order to remain alive after the generation change, he emphasized. Joachim pennig reminded his guests that all sculptors dream of what "seed" is in the form of an imaginary sculpture in the natural stone or a piece of wood slumbers. The dream becomes a blessing. This can be seen in many places in the acts of the apostles as well as in the bible.

"I want to beam myself away, I don't want to live anymore", according to a 76-year-old man in court in a moment of formulated remorse. But it was real? Judge stefan jager and prosecutor franziska winkler made it clear several times during the trial on tuesday that they were not sure how to assess the senior accused of sexual abuse and exhibitionist behavior.

Seizure triggers erratic drive: driver seriously injured in upper franconia

in itself, the accused man appeared burdened – severely visually impaired and guarding a secret that his wife should not know about. The fact that he spent tuesday in the dock at the district court was, in his own words, something the coburg man tried to hide from her. But according to his own words, he himself also does not understand what got him into trouble at several times between april and june 2017 at the train station in bad staffelstein.