Neunkirchen: bluebird and meadow buttercup instead of building and living

The market town of neunkirchen is a hotspot, so to speak: for the meadow-headed antshrike.There are only about 100 specimens of this butterfly in the whole of germany, three of which flutter from one meadow buttercup to another in neunkirchen.

This is the flower with the beautiful red head, which is very important for the butterfly and has now been named flower of the year 2021 by the lokischmidt foundation. "The coarse meadow-grass (sanguisorba officinalis) has been named "flower of the year 2021" kurt, because the stands of this plant are very jerky.

"The plant represents a habitat that is becoming increasingly rare in our country: species-rich, extensively used grassland. The plant needs moist soil and bleeds between july and november", explains michael urbanczyk from the lower nature conservation authority at the district office forchheim. And this flower is associated with the rare butterfly. "It is important, among other things, as a food plant for the caterpillars of two butterflies, the pale and dark meadow butterflies, both of which are strictly protected in europe and listed in the EU’s habitats directive as species of community interest in annex II. In this list endangered species are named, which stand by their habitat claims as umbrella species for many other species in these habitats. The protection of these two butterfly species thus protects habitats and their communities", explains michael urbanczyk.

Rottenbach breaks down barriers

"Rottenbach wants to become a barrier-free community." With these words, mayor ludwig wahl () opened the exhibition on accessibility, which will not only be on display in the town hall until the end of june, but also, at least in part, in other public institutions such as banks, doctors’ offices or shopping facilities. "Accessibility is intergenerational", choice is sure. After all, not only people with disabilities or the elderly benefit from crossing aids and lowered castle sidewalks, but also mothers with small children or baby carriages.
Whether it’s the reconstruction of the school street and the baiersdorfer street or the redesign of the town hall square, the individual measures are interlocking like puzzle pieces and ensuring that more and more barriers in the town are gradually being removed. When curbs are lowered, a visual contrast must be created for motorists so that pedestrians feel safe, the mayor explained.
This exhibition is intended to appeal to the people of rottenbach: "we can only break down the barriers with the help of the entire population, emphasized hans gotz as representative for the disabled. He would like to invite all people who want to participate in the process of change in the parish to the working group that has been set up.

When driving instructors disappear

On 14. August 1893 the world’s first driving test was held in paris. The reason was the increase in traffic volume, which led to an increasing number of accidents. Today, the world’s first driving test celebrates its 125th anniversary. Birthday. On this occasion, we spoke to driving instructors in the district of kitzingen and asked them about their experiences.

Down to 240

Stefan grau has been a driving instructor since 1992 and runs the avanti driving school in kitzingen. "We were driving in heavy rain on the B8 towards wurzburg. The driving instructor can’t find the windshield wiper and keeps on driving. The teacher told the schoolboy what a bastard his driving instructor was for not cleaning the windows. The driving instructor said yes."

The bouncer then loved to stop the driving instructor. He should get a rag and clean the windows. "When he got wet, he then realized it was raining," grau said with a wink. "But in the end he passed."

Thousands of days on school duty

During a small ceremony on monday, the director of the school district, stefanie mayr-leidnecker, was able to congratulate six teachers on 25 or 40 years of service in the rooms of the school district.

Such a reappraisal of the past could also point the way to the educational work of the future, because it is precisely there that the question arises as to what we want to preserve and what we want to change, emphasized the director of the education authority.

Trouble and exchange

What is not always adequately taken into account by the public is the high psychological and physical strain that the teaching profession entails on a daily basis. 25 or 40 years of teaching have meant almost 5,000 or 8,000 days of school service, days full of joy, happiness and satisfaction with what has been achieved, but also, at times, disputes, anger and disenchantment with pupils, parents, colleagues or superiors.

Kulmbach schoolgirls part with their braids

More schoolgirls than expected took part in the "pigtail off" campaign, organized by the school council (SMV) at caspar-vischer-gymnasium. At the suggestion of teacher angelika weib, people were sought who were willing to part with their hair for a good cause. The aim was to support cancer aid, or more precisely the federal association of second hair specialists (BVZ), in the "rapunzel" campaign to support.

"The collected hair is auctioned off at the trade fair for second hair and made into wigs, for example for chemo patients", said angelika weib, who donated the proceeds of the auction to the charitable foundation ‘humor helps healing’. The foundation initiates and supports clown visits in clinics and facilities for children and adults in need of care.
And so, surrounded by fellow students, numerous schoolgirls lined up at the CVG to get rid of their hair before the vacations. But no one had to fear a bad haircut, because angelika weib had completed an apprenticeship as a hairdresser before studying to be a teacher.

Not colored

The requirements for donating hair were: at least 25 to 30 centimeters, not colored and reasonably intact, meaning as little split ends as possible. In addition, donors under the age of 16 needed the consent of their parents. Like fifth-grader emmi barbic, for example, who was spontaneously motivated by her older sister anne. "I cut my hair when i was a little kid, i don’t have a problem with that", said the schoolgirl and loved to cut off her hair without batting an eye.

Saving a human life can be

The eighth and ninth grade students at the hans edelmann school received basic instruction in resuscitation as part of the nationwide "save a life – 100 for resuscitation" campaign week. The goal is to increase public awareness of the use of simple cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques. Quick help is needed in an emergency. Randomly present or relatives can become lifesavers by their determined action.

In an international comparison, germans lag behind when it comes to taking first-aid measures, said BRK on-call doctor daniel gardill. To increase the willingness to help, the BRK district association takes part in the "save a life" campaign every year. Rainer gardill took over the theoretical introduction with his colleague tim rochholz. Then the students were able to demonstrate resuscitation in practice on manikins. This is, in the words of daniel gardill, something "totally simple".

Knowledge is important

First-aid instructor michaela schoberth made it clear that knowledge about proper resuscitation is important in society. There is "far too much inhibition", but also fear of possibly doing something wrong.

With ice bar fur in monkey heat

Was this a new record of visitors? On saturday evening, the 27. Village festival in neuensee obviously overshadowed all previous festivals. For a long time the space in front of the former school was no longer enough. One had taken good precautions.

Along the schwurbitzer strabe, one beer hall after another was lined up and all the tables were fully occupied. There is a simple explanation for the rush of visitors. Once again, the core of the michelau district was transformed into a land of plenty for gourmets. Culinary delicacies ranging from irish angus steak to hearty langos were available at seven stations. The varied and extensive menu not only ensured that no one went hungry, but also that the food was served at record speed.

From this point of view the organizer had kept his word. "We have learned from our mistakes", matthias hofmann, one of the people responsible, told the press that. The queues that formed in front of the giant mammoth smoker last year were not as nerve-racking as they were last year, despite such tasty delicacies as spare ribs, irish flank steak burgers and the dangerous-sounding bacon bomb. However, one also had the impression that the french cuisine was somewhat outstripping the smoker specialties. This is how the "golden acorn" scored points from weidhausen with hearty french dishes of beef with horseradish, schaufele and sauerbraten. The latter also convinced the jetschick couple from berlin.

Drowning is the second leading cause of death among children up to eight years of age. Swimming should be a matter of course for everyone, but often the parental and school responsibilities fail. The "seahorse" campaign the forum sport of the european metropolitan region nurnberg should counteract this shocking result. The goal is to teach as many elementary school students as possible how to swim.
"Every year there are many children who can’t swim, and we want to change that", says district administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD). On thursday, the award ceremony for the second season took place at the atlantis swimming pool in herzogenaurach. A total of 125 elementary schools in the nurnberg metropolitan region took part in 2011/2012, divided into three categories depending on the number of elementary schools.
14,031 children managed to bring home the seahorse swimming badge this year. The school that earns the most swimming badges in relation to the number of students wins a prize in this campaign. Two elementary schools from the local region came out on top this year. In the category of up to 150 pupils, kalchreuth elementary school took second place and received a prize of 250 euros. 92 out of 96 schoolchildren have a seahorse in kalchreuth. 93.4 percent of elementary school students in adelsdorf won the first prize in the category for schools up to 300 students and 500 euros.
The three best schools in each category received certificates, presented by district administrator irlinger.
The patron of the campaign, teresa rohmann, was a special guest. The german swimmer won several german championship titles, took gold at the 2004 short course championships and even took part in the 2005 olympic games in athens. "I support the seahorse campaign because I want every child to learn how to swim. There must be no danger when a family goes on a beach vacation", explains rohmann. The swimming instructors at the elementary schools were supported by graduates of the voluntary social year.
In herzogenaurach, the first successes are already being seen: there are no more non-swimmers in the fifth grade at the herzogenaurach high school. However, there is still work to be done at the main and secondary schools.
Thanks to the sponsors atlantis leisure pool in herzogenaurach and fackelmann therme in hersbruck, the campaign will be continued next year.

Teacher unemployment almost largely eliminated in summer

Under pressure from the nationwide teacher shortage, states are less likely to send their salaried padagogues on summer vacation-unemployment than they were a few years ago.

"This practice has actually been largely discontinued in the meantime," said alexander lorz (CDU), chairman of the conference of education ministers (KMK), in an interview with the deutsche presse-agentur in wiesbaden. In the past, it had been quite common for contracts to be deliberately concluded only until the beginning of the summer vacations in order to save money, even though it was already known that the employee would continue to be employed after the vacations.

"To my knowledge, the lander have meanwhile issued more or less stringent regulations to prevent misuse of this instrument," explained hesse’s culture minister lorz. "This is no longer a problem, which of course has something to do with the very positive situation on the job market for teachers."Federal and state department heads meet in wiesbaden this thursday and friday. The summer vacations in berlin and brandenburg start on the 20th. June, followed by the rest of the federal states.

the grobenseebach vacation program is cancelled this year

Anette spletter has finally agreed to join the board of ursula kachlik-schrumpf, second chair birthe hecht, treasurer dorothea adomeit, and assessors erwin schmitt, alice guthlein, uwe wachs and barbel kirchberg.
In addition to managing the school lunch program, the association has also successfully organized a vacation program in recent years. A detailed report on last year’s program was given by organizer carmen gumbrecht. The children were particularly enthusiastic about the tree man craft and the woodworking session with burgermeister bernhard seeberger.
After that, however, carmen gumbrecht was bid farewell with a thank-you and a floral tribute. "I have organized the vacation program for six years. Since I no longer have children in elementary school, it is time for someone else to take over this work", she explained. Due to lack of organization there will be no vacation program in grobenseebach this year in any case.
Also a large part of the board announced to go into its last election period. The chairwoman no longer has school-age children, and the cashier is at an age when her grandchildren are already of school age.