Phil collins defies the odds

The music legend enters the stadium stage on his walking stick and settles down – phil collins will remain seated on the swivel chair for the next almost two hours and still be able to hear the 38 or so people in the audience.000 listeners in stuttgart’s mercedes-benz arena drift along.

The 68-year-old and his fans are connected by hits like "another day in paradise," "you can?T hurry love" or "easy lover". At the beginning of his performance, collins introduces the song "against all odds", which translates as "against all expectations" – on this evening, it can also be understood as a declaration of war on life, on fate.

Almost apologetically, collins addressed his audience before the first notes: he would have to spend most of the evening sitting down – "but that won’t stop us from having fun. After a back operation his right foot is paralyzed. In addition, nerve damage makes it impossible for collins, who became famous as the drummer for the band genesis in the 1970s, to play the drums.

Schoolchildren become musicians

For almost two weeks, the emil fisher elementary school is transformed into a russian carnival. At least two classrooms. A total of 47 children from classes 3a and 3c are working on their own version of stravinsky’s "petrushka" ballet. The original scene in stravinsky’s ballet is a fair in st. Petersburg. A juggler appears who plays a devious game with his puppets – with the vain ballerina, the melancholy petrushka and the mischievous moor.
"Compose strawinsky" is what coburg’s general music director roland kluttig has called this project. In stravinsky’s ballet the plot tells of the love notes of petrushka, who falls in love with the ballerina, who of course throws herself into the arms of the moor. For through the power of a magical flute melody the puppets come to life. And they behave like real people – with their jealousy, their longing for love and their hatred.

Just as important as math

it is by no means a matter of course that schools declare themselves willing to cooperate in such a project, says carmen schmidt. Together with soren schrader, the berlin-based pedagogue already led the landestheater’s equally ambitious janacek project last year. In fact, these two weeks are almost too little for such an ambitious project. But getting more time is actually impossible. "Of course, with this project, we are creating a lot of confusion in the daily school life of the two classes", says schmidt, who is nevertheless convinced of the educational value of the project: "what the children learn in these two weeks is just as important as mathematics, for example." Schmidt and schrader naturally want to put on a convincing performance on the stage of the landestheater with the 47 children of the emil fisher elementary school. Even more important to schrader is this aspect: "the children learn to listen to each other and to make music together."

Shelly phillips gives concert in neustadt

Shelly phillips performs with her band "kein fruhstuck" at the sport-music-fun-festival (spomff) on saturday, 4. August, at the villeneuve-sur-lot amusement park in neustadt on. This was confirmed by anja zietz from the municipal youth work of the district (koja) on request.

The singer, who made it to the semi-finals of the german preliminary round of the eurovision song contest ("unser star fur baku"), will play with her band for the visitors and participants of the spomff. Also present: the regional bands "the limits and "blind pilots. On the posters next to "livemusik" is written still "special guest, because that shelly really performs, was only now really fixed. It was allowed to drive the visitor numbers clearly upward – particularly since with the spomff, which the district coburg organizes, no admission is raised.

But there is not only a great music offer. When youth care is behind an event, there is always something to entice people to get active themselves. The sports facilities include a segway ride, slacklines, a giant foosball table and, of course, skaters will get their money’s worth.

Laughing together makes us fun

From volkach, obervolkach, eichfeld, nordheim and sommerach in and at the music school volkacher mainschleife to discover together and under expert guidance the fascinating world of music, to sing and to make music. On the day of action, not only typical regional and current songs are cultivated, but the children also get to know music from different cultural circles and generations. Drums, guitars and magic recorders were also tried out with joy in the various workshops on offer. This year, the young and old participants were particularly enthusiastic about the magical musical story about the magic piano abrakladabra, which went out into the world to collect melodies.

Since 2013, the bavarian state coordination office for music (BKLM) has been running the "music in bavaria" campaign day. With this project, the BLKM not only supports cooperation between kindergartens, schools and associations, but also demonstrates to the public the importance of singing and making music for the individual in the community.

Zeyern parish church is now barrier-free

He has already become: the "new" one church forecourt of the parish church st. Leonhard zeyern. The newly laid paving in a warm natural tone harmonizes splendidly with the elevation of the church and the newly created ramp with the sandstone edgings also blends in perfectly with the overall appearance. With the barrier-free access, a long-cherished wish of the church community has been realized.

"What lasts for a long time,…", during the evening mass on saturday, church administrator peter scherner explained that the church administration had already been working for several years on the implementation of barrier-free access. There had been two alternative proposals for the implementation – namely access via the rear part of the cemetery or via a neighboring property. However, since neither of these options was feasible, the only option left was to make one of the existing entrances barrier-free – and to do so with as little interference with the existing building as possible. With this, the plans for demolishing the right staircase on the side of the parish hall became more concrete.

Since this is a common access for church service and cemetery visitors, the request was presented to the municipality. "We immediately found favor", the church administrator, mayor norbert grabner, and the head of the building authority, katja wich, expressed their gratitude.

Study: music lessons in elementary schools in danger?

According to a study, music is important for the formation of children’s personalities, but too little of it takes place in the first years of school.

Music is taught too seldom in elementary schools – and then often "outside" by teachers who have not been trained for this purpose. This is the result of the study presented on wednesday in gutersloh, which was commissioned by the bertelsmann foundation, the german music council and the state music council conference. "The music-asthetic area in the elementary school is very important, but is totally neglected", says the elementary school association.

According to the study, boys and girls are entitled to an average of one to two hours of music a week in the first four years of school, depending on the federal state. 43 percent of the lessons are given by music teachers and about 50 percent are given by "outside" teachers. An estimated seven percent of the scheduled hours were cancelled. There are major regional differences. As is the case for all types of schools and almost all subjects, there is also a serious shortage of music teachers, says the foundation. "The elementary school in germany are running out of teachers."

positive things are brewing in the habberge district

A journey of discovery through the brewing culture of the habberge district was offered by the enjoyment festival all about local beer on saturday at the rudolf mett hall in konigsberg. The event had been moved there due to the forecast of bad weather, which in retrospect turned out to be a good decision. Despite the intermittent rain, many visitors came and tasted the different beers. They all taste good, as even experienced brewers confirmed.

It started at 14.30 o’clock, when the new beer princess kerstin friedrich, together with district administrator wilhelm schneider and mayor claus bittenbrunn, officially opened the festival with the beer tapping. Landrat wilhelm schneider succeeded flawlessly with a few strikes. Before the tapping, both had to answer some questions of the new beer princess. The numerous visitors were able to learn that the head of the city of konigsberg had long wished that the genussfestival (after habfurt, ebern and hofheim) would take place in konigsberg. Bittenbrunn was impressed by the fact that there are four municipal breweries in the city of konigsberg: dorflis, junkersdorf, unfinden and koslau.

District administrator schneider said he was pleased that the festival was a unique opportunity to get to know the different breweries and beers and to enjoy the variety on offer without having to drive all over the district. "I think it’s great that our breweries are pulling together and not seeing each other as competitors. In the meantime, networking with the municipal brewers is also taking place. I am very pleased to see that a lot of positive things are brewing here for our homeland."

Chairman of the vdm in conversation

This weekend, the association of german music schools (vdm) will meet in the concert hall. The visitors exchange ideas for three days u. A. About music didactics for children and seniors, about the inclusion of disabled people and the state of music pedagogical research. According to the vdm, a professional and supporting association, 38,000 teachers teach at 4,000 locations throughout germany. One million children, teenagers and adults. Winfried richter, vdm chairman since 2005, is relieved after the congress by ulrich rademacher.

40 million music school users per year. Everything is going well with the german music school system?
Of course, it could always be for the best, that is self-evident. This is very different. There are countries where music schools are doing extremely well, and bavaria is one of them. Music schools are educational institutions that have to meet certain requirements, and only if these requirements are met can they be called music schools. So that there is no labeling fraud and the citizen really knows what he is getting. Music school is of course also a political issue. It goes without saying that people have to be introduced to culture, and schools do that in music lessons, but you have to start singing and making music in kindergarten, and when it comes to working with seniors, the music school is indispensable. It would be best if this were the case in all the states, as a matter of course. It’s not, and in that respect we sometimes have to take legal action. But I know that the people are behind this idea. After the war, citizens petitioned for the establishment of music schools. If you were to compare it today, it would be something like the environmental movement. People knew even more intensively than today that it is important to introduce people to culture, and not only to see profit, the consumption of music, but to make music themselves, to experience music with others and to form themselves through music. Sometimes you get the impression that if you say something like this today, that you are educating yourself, then you are looked at as if you were from yesterday. That is participation in the culture, and people will also demand that.

Are the sponsors, such as the city and county, behind the music schools, or are they struggling with shortages??
Well, we are an association of musicians, and of course I am not going to scold the musicians, but I am not going to tell them what to say either. The promoters are behind the music schools when it comes to politics. No politician will say we don’t need music schools, you can’t be that stupid. But there are parts of germany where money is tight, and when it rains through the hospital, you ask yourself, do you have to do the roof first, or do you have to do the music school first?? And that is the dilemma. Culture anyway one pushes then gladly something back, because one says, it should finance those, which participate in it. But what happens to those who cannot participate because they can no longer afford it?? The people who support it think that the cultural pitfall is not yet very large, as in the case of trench construction, so no one falls in yet.

Brucker parade inspires the masses

A triple "bruck helau" ubten the responsible persons with the numerous spectators and participants of the carnival procession at the festival place in erlangen-bruck. The mood music spread carnival mood, and the responsible persons of the carnival society gabhenker could bury the many princesses and princes, elferraten and dance mariechen as well as the bavarian minister of the interior joachim herrmann (CSU) and erlangens oberburgerburgermeister florian janik (SPD).
Interior minister herrmann was dressed as usual as a sheriff and waved together with the oberburgermeister a "bruck helau" from the tractor of the brucker association, which drove the procession. The burgers and guests, some of them dressed up as originally as the carnival professionals, were thrilled by the colorful procession, the children were happy about the many candies and chipsticks that were thrown out. Numerous associations and institutions decorated their floats, choosing appropriate themes as mottoes. The daycare center placed cute teddy bears in the strollers to draw attention to the possibility of daycare. For clean locks has become "crazy birds" were on the way and the jungle was also not far away.
That gro kra (coarse doughnuts) are better than the groko, could be read on another wagon, and promptly an oversized coarse doughnut ran through the area, advertising for the baker’s trade. "Back to the 90’s wished themselves other participants, as on their festive car was to be recognized easily.
But also guest associations drew attention to themselves. Allamoshee was a guest and also the neunkirchner carnevalsverein showed up. The many gardemadchen, who enriched the parade with "helau, alaaf und selau", received much applause and "helau" threw candy to the children waiting at the edge of the road. The people in charge of the brucker gabhenker had promised two entertaining hours, and the spectators got entertaining hours, so that there was a triple "bruck helau" at the after-train party as burial gave.