Union and spd want to guarantee doctor's appointment within four weeks

This would then have to be paid for out of the budget of the practice physicians. This was announced by the negotiators from the CDU/CSU and the SPD, jens spahn and karl lauterbach, in berlin on thursday. "This is an important step toward dismantling two-tier medicine," said lauterbach.

"Those with statutory health insurance pay up to 350 euros a month in premiums. We think it must also be possible to arrange appointments promptly," said spahn. "It’s a clear message that we are making."How this is regulated in detail, the politicians love openly. Today, patients usually go directly to doctors’ offices and not to the associations of SHI-accredited physicians.

A survey commissioned by the federal association of panel doctors showed that a good one in five people with statutory health insurance has to wait several weeks for an appointment with a doctor. Only four percent of privately insured patients have to wait longer than three weeks.

A sign of confidence

Normally the gastronomes had hardly any time on a working day at the end of november. The first advent and christmas parties had to be prepared. Pre-christmas hustle and bustle became widespread. Baking squares, roasting goose, preparing cabbage specialties, making dumplings – the autumn and christmas season would be the time to put calorie payments on the back burner.

People were in the mood to go out, because december is the busiest month of the year. But this year everything is different. The lockdown light brings peace to the entire industry. However, not a soothing calm, but one that frightens many.

The restaurants are closed. Only an auber-haus sale is possible. Tourists – no sign of them. The restaurateurs are worried about the future.

Poland: abortion for malformation unconstitutional

Poland is heading for a further tightening of its already very strict abortion laws. The constitutional court in warsaw on thursday declared abortions for severe deformities unconstitutional.

This means that one of the last exceptions to the general ban on abortion in the strictly catholic country will be abolished. According to the judges, the current regulation violates the right to life guaranteed by the constitution.

The court decided by a majority of the members of the senate, announced the president of the constitutional tribunal, julia przylebska. 2 of the 13 judges issued a dissenting opinion. More than 100 deputies, mostly from the ruling party of law and justice (pis), had addressed the highest court with their criticism of the legal situation.

Maduro: cancer-stricken chavez not permanently absent

Even then, there was no permanent absence of the elected head of state, which was required by the constitution to hold new elections, maduro said friday on state television. "None of the traps described in article 233 apply right now," said maduro, who was interviewed on the program by information minister ernesto villegas.

The actual 10. January’s swearing-in ceremony before the national assembly could be postponed and chavez, who is battling complications after cancer surgery in cuba, could take the oath before the supreme court later. In this case, the constitution offers "dynamic flexibility," maduro said. It allows the president a temporary absence of 90 days, which can be extended by another 90-day period. He accused the opposition of trying to destabilize the country and reverse the revolution.

Chavez’s health had deteriorated after the fourth cancer operation on 11. December further deteriorated in the past weeks. Villegas announced on thursday that he was in respiratory distress due to a severe pneumonia. The left-wing populist was on 7. Elected for another term in office in october.

On the castle referendum in bad staffelstein on 24. November we received the following reader’s opinion:: grundfeld is a beautiful place at the foot of the vierzehnheiligener mountain. On one side the monastery of banz, on the other the basilica of vierzehnheiligen with the monastery, in addition the staffelberg and in the background the egg mountains. All this is part of the garden of god, from many points of view a unique, unique experience. Two gigantic logistics halls are now to be built into this culturally and historically valuable and unique landscape of the highest european rank at the foot of vierzehnheiligener berg.

The almost ten-meter-high structures are truly not invisible. They destroyed valuable view motifs of the unique interplay of vierzehnheiligen, banz monastery and staffelberg, the triumvirate of the god’s garden. The halls put pressure on the small-scale residential development of grundfeld. For the construction of the halls, immense areas (25,500 square meters for the halls, plus several thousand square meters for the marshalling areas) of valuable farmland had to be destroyed. They are simply concreted over and were lost forever. Many farmers would like to continue working the rich and valuable soil in order to be able to supply us better with regionally produced food. (we in germany condemn destructions of the so important rainforest in brazil, but here at home we are allowed to destroy more and more valuable organic/ocological nutrient soil. What double standards!).

Bad staffelstein is a tourist resort with two clinics, a thermal spa, outpatient therapy centers, hotels, restaurants and many private guesthouses and advertises itself as a health region. Tourism determines a large part of the economic power of bad staffelstein and creates many jobs. Why do so many vacationers come to us? But because of a (despite some traffic cuts) appealing natural landscape with cultural and art historical monuments. Here is also a place of religiousness and spirituality.

It was a salvage operation of an unusual kind: on monday morning, a five-man squad from the city’s garden department used a rope winch to pull a mighty oak out of the regnitz river, which had already fallen into the river on friday afternoon at an angle opposite the wolfsschlucht gorge.

The riverbank tree, which appeared to be fully intact in its crown and appearance, had toppled over due to eroded roots, explains deputy head of the garden office michael gerencser in the press release from the town hall.

At the weekend, the tree, which protrudes far into the river regnitz, became an immediate attraction in the splendid summer weather. Some grove visitors used the main trunk lying horizontally above the water as a seat and loved to cool off their feet in the regnitz river. The fallen oak did not pose an immediate danger, but it had to be removed to prevent coarse ashes or other tree parts from drifting downstream towards the boathouse, the grove baths and the city center.

poisoned kremlin critic:nawalny can leave bed

The poisoned russian kremlin critic alexej nawalny no longer has to be ventilated and can leave his hospital bed temporarily. His health has continued to improve and he is increasingly mobilized, berlin’s charite hospital announced on monday.

No further details on nawalny’s health were released monday. For the first time since his treatment in berlin, however, the clinic also agreed with him on what information would be released to the media. Previously, the charite had only ever been able to make this clear with nawalny’s wife.

As the cause of nawalny’s poisoning, two other special laboratories in france and sweden also found a nerve agent from the nowichok group, as the federal government announced on monday. Earlier, a federal laboratory had already identified this. France’s head of state emmanuel macron called for a swift clarification of the circumstances and responsibilities.