Werner wolf wants to pump up soder

No end to the debt in grafenberg in sight. Rather, city chamberlain ernst steinlein assumes an additional credit requirement of 1.2 million euros for the 2013 budget year.
The city’s financial situation is even worsening now that, according to steinlein, hopes of additional funds from structural assistance have been dashed. This is due to the fact that grafenberg’s financial strength has fallen to 19 percent below the state average for comparable municipalities in recent years. For financial aid, however, grafenberg had to be 20 percentage points below the national average.

District levy drops

however, grafenberg can still hope for compensation funds for the loss of trade tax in the past budget years.
"For the current budget year, there are signs of a plus in trade tax and property tax revenues," said steinlein, said steinlein. In addition, grafenberg will have to pay 120,000 euros less for the district levy next year.
Key allocations will also be higher due to low financial strength.
Steinlein, meanwhile, fears that this plus could be eaten up again by the increased energy costs alone. Still in october and thus before beginning of the budget discussions grafenbergs mayor werner wolf () wants to look for therefore the discussion with the bavarian minister of finance markus soder (CSU).
In this context, wolf wants to make clear to soder once again the constrained financial situation of the city of grafenberg.
Second mayor hans-jurgen nekolla (SPD), meanwhile, called on the city of grafenberg to take care of the city’s properties, despite all the tight spots. The properties could not be left to decay under any circumstances.

Dettelbach voters become winners

There is a clear winner of the panel discussion between the three candidates for the mayoral election in dettelbach on the 23rd. September: the wahler. For almost three hours, a good 650 people from dettelbach, after all almost ten percent of the residents, were able to get a detailed picture of the candidates christine konrad (), norbert schneider (UCW) and michael schuba (CSU) under the moderation of main-post editors norbert hohler and torsten schleicher in the maintalhalle on thursday evening.

The three candidates did not have it easy: the tension was already written on their faces before the event, and with the exception of michael schuba, none of the three had spoken in front of such a large audience until thursday evening. Although they knew which topics the moderators were asking about, the exact questions and who was supposed to comment on them were open.

There was also excitement in the audience. At least it was the only event where the candidates presented themselves together and were able to make the decisive impression for an election decision. And the suspense continued throughout the evening: the moderators managed to keep the audience’s interest high for almost three hours. While at similar events the audience often gets restless after just one hour and is tempted to smoke cigarettes or go to the bathroom, there was concentrated quiet until the break after just under two hours, interrupted only by the odd scene of applause.

A recognition for caregivers

The corona pandemic has placed and will continue to place a heavy burden on the approximately 1,000 employees of bamberg’s care and handicapped facilities. It cannot be ruled out, for example, that visits to facilities will have to be severely restricted again as a result of the current incidence of infections. For this reason, the senate of finance has decided to give them each a gift bag in recognition of their outstanding performance.

Mayor andreas stark (SPD) thanked all the caregivers working in bamberg for their efforts. He wanted the "bamberger gift bags" a gesture of thanks and public recognition understand. Jonas glusenkamp (grunes bamberg), in his function as social affairs officer, is in the process of visiting all care providers and disabled facilities and talking about the current situation in the care sector.

It is his concern "to find out from those directly involved how they perceive the situation in order to draw political conclusions for action".

Games and fun challenge the team spirit

Getting to know each other, fostering camaraderie, and being in direct contact with nature are the goals of the three-day camp that the district fire department youth organize every year at the youth campsite behind saaleck castle. With 140 young people and supervisors from a dozen fire departments, the "out in the green" event took place in lam this year again good reception.
"The special charm of the youth camp has not lost since the times in the reither muhle", noted district fire chief benno metz in his funeral with a smile, who himself was still a "youngster" at the time there was. "The youth fire departments are important to us in all areas. That’s why the state firefighters’ association is engaged in targeted recruitment of young firefighters", he adds.
"Joint activities – even outside of working hours – kept us together", also knew district administrator thomas bold, who handed over a check to district youth director klaus kippes, knowing that "the money is well spent". And mayor ernst stross enthused about "tracks of stones under the naked pigeons and sleeping without a feather bed at night" as a special experience.
What do 14- to 18-year-olds do all day at a camp?? Playing fubball, sitting around the campfire, karaoke shows? "Right", says deputy youth director christine gran. But there was much more. For example, there was an invitation from the german armed forces to try out the so-called constant track and a visit from a rescue dog team, including a tasting of "great chili con carne", like a 16-year-old swarming.
The "firlefanz" artists from schweinfurt also provided variety with diabolo games, unicycling and balance exercises on the rope as workshops to participate in. Silke and matthias ebert, who have been running a juggling and artistry school for three years, also came up with a rough fire show in the evening.
"Staying up late at night, sitting around the campfire with others and sleeping outdoors", for 15-year-old elisabeth and 14-year-old lesley-anne from the stralsbach youth fire department, there’s something adventurous about breaking through the boredom at home." "There is plenty of work in the camp", the two teenagers think and point to the painting of their flags, which then find a place on the rough gerust tower.
"This is like a vacation, luisa and larissa of the fire department youth pfaffenhausen assure. They were impressed by their visit to the hammelburg camp, especially by the "tarzan jump on the rope over the moat". Of course, we also have to do night watches, for example, to ward off the (announced) raid of fuschter youths. "We arrested them and then brought them to the bonfire", both are pleased about the successful "defense" of their camp.
"The youth campsite of the district is optimal for such purposes and has the necessary facilities such as toilets, showers and a kitchen", youth officer kippes emphasized. A special cake team with chef silvia kleespies from kahl and her team of helpers is taking care of the catering. "Since we got silvia, we no longer have to cut the spaghetti into pieces with a knife", christine gran is pleased.
Also a common service with the emergency pastor, dean thomas kebler, and a music group and a camp olympiad stood on the program, which finds the unexceptional approval and its goal – new friends find and contacts under the fire-brigade youth groups in the district – achieved.

The bayerische landesstiftung claims numerous objects with special cultural or social significance throughout bavaria. On tuesday, the decisions were made about the newest demands. Some objects in the city and district of coburg will again receive grants. The CSU member of the state parliament martin mittag announces this and says: "I am very pleased to see that once again some particularly culturally interested people are taking part

Significant objects in the city and county of coburg are required by the bavarian state foundation. In total, more than 41,000 euros in grants will go to our region. My special thanks therefore go both to the state foundation for its commitment to preserving our valuable cultural assets and to the free state of germany

Bavaria and especially to the burghers who are contributing with a lot of their own commitment and money to this project."

In the matter of the problem child of the city of volkach, the open-air swimming pool in need of renovation, a solution is surprisingly on the horizon. The federal ministry of the interior, building and home affairs had set up a new program at short notice to call for community facilities in the areas of sports, youth and culture. In the budget years 2019 to 2022, reported mayor peter kornell in the city council meeting on monday evening, 100 million euros are available nationwide. For the renovation of the open-air swimming pool, kornell put the figure at just under six million euros. The study published on the internet had shown 5.5 million euros, "but this study is also a bit old, so the prices may have increased".

The hook in this challenge program is the time factor. The ministry of the interior had announced the program on 1. Launched in august, the project will run until 24. August had indicated the need and until 31. August must be applied for online. "But the municipalities can do this until 20. We’ll have to do it in september," said kornell.

In euro terms, the federal subsidy amounts to 45 percent, or 90 percent in the event of a budgetary emergency confirmed by the municipal supervisory authority, up to a maximum of four million euros. Kornell put the need for volkach at 66 percent (3.95 million euros). The remaining two million euros "we can represent without putting a rotten egg in the nest of our successors in the council". And: the money would only flow if the city could credibly assure that the money would only be used for the renovation of the open-air swimming pool. "Once the money has been applied for, we have to renovate and also raise the two million euros. If we eat into this sausage, we have to eat it whole."This will succeed, even if the city is not exactly on a bed of roses financially.