Wood hall in zahlbach in full fire – investigations taken up

With a damage amount of presumably far more than 100.000 euros, the damage to property was nevertheless very high. In a large wood-processing company, the drying kiln, which was filled with 44 sterers of stove wood when the fire broke out, was on fire.

For local commander thomas geis and his father ronald geis, the district fire inspector, it was immediately clear that other fire departments would be needed, and so after the fire department from zahlbach, the brigades from burkardroth, stangenroth, lauter, stralsbach, and frauenroth also came out to help. About 120 helpers were at the scene of the fire a few minutes before five o’clock in the morning, because the volunteer fire department of bad kissingen had also come out with a tanker and a turntable ladder, as well as district fire officer benno metz, and the red cross, which was on the scene with several vehicles and a dozen helpers.

No easy task

When the first police patrol arrived at the scene, the hall was on fire, according to a press release from the police headquarters in lower franconia. A fire broke out in a drying kiln measuring around ten by ten meters, in which 44 stars of firewood were to be dried in lattice boxes. It was not an easy task for the fire department, which had to fight the fire by removing part of the full lattice boxes with firewood ready for the oven from the chamber that had caught fire, using a forklift truck and breathing protection.

After about two hours, the operation was over and it could be called "fire out" reported to the integrated rescue control center. Almost immediately, officers from the schweinfurt police department began their investigation.

In the wood drying plant?

According to initial investigations by the bad kissingen police, the fire could have broken out in the area of a wood drying plant. The cause of the fire and the exact amount of damage are now the subject of criminal investigations.

No one was injured in the fire, the drying chamber with all the technical equipment is in danger of collapsing, the wood chip plant built next door and above all the coarse wood storage were saved thanks to the fire brigades deployed.

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