Neunkirchen: bluebird and meadow buttercup instead of building and living

Neunkirchen: bluebird and meadow buttercup instead of building and living

The market town of neunkirchen is a hotspot, so to speak: for the meadow-headed antshrike.There are only about 100 specimens of this butterfly in the whole of germany, three of which flutter from one meadow buttercup to another in neunkirchen.

This is the flower with the beautiful red head, which is very important for the butterfly and has now been named flower of the year 2021 by the lokischmidt foundation. "The coarse meadow-grass (sanguisorba officinalis) has been named "flower of the year 2021" kurt, because the stands of this plant are very jerky.

"The plant represents a habitat that is becoming increasingly rare in our country: species-rich, extensively used grassland. The plant needs moist soil and bleeds between july and november", explains michael urbanczyk from the lower nature conservation authority at the district office forchheim. And this flower is associated with the rare butterfly. "It is important, among other things, as a food plant for the caterpillars of two butterflies, the pale and dark meadow butterflies, both of which are strictly protected in europe and listed in the EU’s habitats directive as species of community interest in annex II. In this list endangered species are named, which stand by their habitat claims as umbrella species for many other species in these habitats. The protection of these two butterfly species thus protects habitats and their communities", explains michael urbanczyk.

This particular habitat, which is home to both the meadow butterfly and thus the rare butterfly called meadow butterfly, is the area "canal path", and this is getting attention again with the nomination of the meadow button as flower of the year, as the virtual castle meeting showed. Because actually this flat is a building area designated by the municipality with about 20 plots and a very old topic.

But building is still not possible. Not least because it is home to the meadow antshrike. When the market town of neunkirchen am brand wanted to start developing the building area in 2014, a significant occurrence of the two strictly protected butterfly species was found there. The development was postponed and for years the municipality of neunkirchen has therefore been trying to relocate the butterfly. So far with little success.

The butterfly needs the cultural landscape and the host ants, which also live near the construction area kanalweg. The municipality has long since found a suitable site for the resettlement. "Direction middle school, south on a meadow land we are trying to settle the butterfly", informs mayor martin walz.

Plant is settled

The meadow-grass is already growing around the new plot. This flat must be mowed like a meadow: "then no more, so that the ants develop. Mowing is a decisive factor."

The flat has to be managed according to the specifications for a good two years in order to be the right environment for the meadow-knobbed blue ant. "It actually works, says walz. There is a reason why it doesn’t work after all. "It has happened several times that the farmer has mowed the meadow", says walz.

And that was when they were no longer allowed to be mah. The land belongs to the municipality, but was leased out. The mowing times have been contractually fixed. However, the chances of a coup against them are slim. But above all, "two or three years’ work has been wasted, argues walz.

The topic is emotionally charged in neunkirchen. The mayor wanted to make it more objective. For this reason, the municipality has also brought the upper nature conservation authority on board. So the community will also look more closely at the issue and see if the flat really fits or if more needs to be done. "We want the transfer, but that only works if everyone sticks to it", says walz.

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