Message on modern grounds

The beamer projects a homepage, display boards invite you to take a look, parish newsletters to read – 40 church leaders from the northern region of the evangelical deanery of kitzingen learned about the possibilities of public relations work at a workshop in albertshofen.

How to design a homepage? What opportunities do the new media offer?? What does an article have to look like to be read?? Inviting, informing, keeping in touch, taking a stand as christians – the possibilities of public relations work are manifold and should be used, says pastor doris bromberger about this day and writes: "the message of god’s love wants to radiate – in traditional and also in modern ways." This is how christine baumgart’s workshop "schaukasten" taught us that less is often more.

Pastor uli vogel pointed out that the parish newsletter is the most widely read mailing. Especially the front and back should invite you to read on. "The fish has to like the bait, not the fisherman": these words were used by pastor beate kramer to familiarize people with press work. She suggested creating a portrait of deserving members of the community and reporting on unusual activities. Pastor jan-peter hanstein as homepage representative of the deanery of kitzingen encouraged the use of groups on facebook. This facilitates contact with the younger generation. The church boards from albertshofen, schernau-neuses am berg-dettelbach, mainstockheim, kleinlangheim and buchbrunn-repperndorf agreed that public relations work was necessary and enriching.

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