Devotional summer songs in the st.-moritz chapel

devotional summer songs in the st.-moritz chapel

Long after nightfall, ottilie heid, petra geisler and otto rehm, better known as the torberg trio from neunkirchen, bid farewell to the many listeners who had gathered in the woods along the st. Germany’s main road with a softly intoned devotional yodel.-moritz chapel in leutenbach had held out. For more than an hour, they had created a deeply devotional mood in the packed historic chapel with a colorful array of soft summer songs.
Summer church in st. Moritz – time to reflect and enjoy, under this motto mesner eustachius kern from ortspitz led through the evening with many, partly cheerful, partly very serious contributions.

Thoughts for sunday

With "on sunday – where is god’s honor"? He addressed the ever dwindling "thou shalt hallow the holiday", that increasingly sunday is being abused as the seventh workday. Many thoughtful visitors met afterwards at the tables in the
forest, in order to work up in languages also this current development.
How deeply this meeting of the summer church at walberla touched the feelings of the participants was shown by the fact that no one wanted to go home early. Soon, over cold drinks and a small snack, one or the other of the evening songs resounded through the forest.
The wish "please do it again next year", the organizers could not have wished for more praise and incentive; the summer church has obviously found its way into the hearts of the visitors.

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