Corona-demos: who marches with nazis, lets himself be harnessed to their cart

On saturday, many people marched through bamberg and other cities in bavaria, protesting against the corona seizures. The fact that – not only here and not only on saturday – neo-nazis are joining in and abusing the protests for their own agitation does not seem to bother the organizers.

It is frightening how little conviction there is on the part of those involved in the "walk" to distance themselves from right-wing extremist ideas and the nazi party "der III". Away" distanced. This is taken cheaply or even buried to get even more people on the strabe against the government and the corona policy.

No one who was present at the protests on the weekend can seriously claim not to know who is actively participating in the mobilization and then just shows up there. On hard-hitting sites such as the homepage of the national socialist party "the III. Way" is called to participate in the corona protests.

If you don’t want to be lumped in with nazis, you should first of all not march side by side with them. All those who do not distance themselves in the long term, but continue to accept or even bury the idea of demonstrating together with neo-nazis, must accept the accusation that they are contributing to their propaganda. There is no neutral attitude to fascism and right-wing extremist agitation. There is no excuse and no justification for this.

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