Coburg csu: united against new power lines

After only four weeks, the opportunity to submit comments on the 2030 network development plan (NEP) in the consultation process ended on tuesday. As of the reporting date, the coburg-land district association of the CSU and its members clearly formulated their objection to the P44 and p44mod power lines and sent it to berlin.
The route P44 was driven west of coburg from schalkau to grafenrheinfeld, p44mod east of coburg. The coburg-land CSU district association rejects both plans. "With the thuringer strombrucke through our region already enormous interferences in nature and landscape are to be registered", quoted district chairman martin mittag from the letter. The coburg region, especially agriculture, is already bearing a considerable burden from the energy transition. The coburg region must not only be a "flat donor" and "load space" to be a major contributor to transport and energy infrastructure.

Where is the benefit?

In general, the district association doubts the necessity of the plans, so mittag. The region is not responsible for satisfying the economic interests of the four electricity companies operating in germany. Member of the bundestag hans michelbach sees the federal network agency as having a duty here. It must carefully assess the needs in order to avoid "self-service" the grid operator to put a stop to this. "We hope for a cost-benefit analysis to make the sense clear to the citizens of coburg", said michelbach.
The district association is also critical of further-reaching plans up to 2050: according to the grid operators, technical developments, such as possibilities for storing electricity, are not at all "stepmotherly" considered. "But we are convinced that there will be opportunities by 2050", emphasized martin mittag.
The untersiemau mayor rolf rosenbauer, who signed as well as his two colleagues udo siegel (grobheirath) and sebastian straubel (lautertal), also sees research and science as having a duty in this respect. Instead of more and more "wires across the country other solutions had to be found. E-mobility, for example, is good and all, but more e-mobility also needs more electricity. Here, alternative methods of generating electricity urgently needed to be found.

"Fiscal insanity

The letter also refers to the coalition summit in july 2015 in the chancellor’s office: the NDP 2030 does not correspond in any way to what was agreed there, namely: no further planning in the coburg region. "The current legal situation is that the route is P43 – it cannot be shifted to a P44 or p44mod without further ado", emphasized hans michelbach.
In its statement, the CSU describes the fact that the p44mod line had to be removed and rebuilt from a pipeline that had only been in operation for a few months as "financially insane". A parallel route to the existing "thuringer strombrucke" is also out of the question in question, it says in the letter. The distance to residential areas would be far too small.
Apart from the impact on people, the landscape and nature, hans michelbach also fears for the economy. "The network fee is becoming more and more expensive." Costs for industry in particular have risen "extremely high. For the grid operator tennet, for example, the price per kilowatt hour has tripled in the last five years. "This puts a strain on jobs and companies and is a clear competitive disadvantage.", so michelbach.
Weidhausen’s mayor markus monch (no party affiliation) had criticized last week that contradictory statements by bavaria’s economics minister ilse aigner were circulating on the NEP 2030 (tageblatt, 23. February). Jurgen W. Heike therefore clarified once again on tuesday: "we have the full backing of the state government. They stick to keeping the expansion of the power grid to a minimum." What worries heike more is that no one has been able to explain to him why more roads were needed in the first place. "Also tennet not!"

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