Cas: life-long olympic ban for dopers inadmissible

Cas: life-long olympic ban for dopers inadmissible

"The BOA rule is a sanction that is not in accordance with the WADA code," read the CAS ruling. For the olympic host, this means that just under three months before the opening ceremony on 27. July an unpleasant matter off the table.

Now former olympic banned dopers like track and field athlete dwain chambers and professional cyclist david millar will be allowed to compete in the london olympics. World-class sprinter chambers was banned for two years after testing positive for designer steroid THG in 2003. Millar had been banned from racing for two years for proven use of the blood doping drug EPO.

WADA, recently criticized for its irritating behavior in the erfurt blood-tampering affair, received recognition for its success. "WADA’s authority is thereby recognized," said travis tygart, executive director of the u.S. Anti-doping agency USADA. "It’s a good day for those who believe in WADA’s ability to defend the rules and the rights of clean athletes"."

World agency had challenged olympic lifetime ban for violating WADA code. The BOA is the only NOK in the world to impose lifetime olympic bans on doping cheats. The rule was introduced in 1992.

CAS last year also invalidated the international olympic committee’s (IOC) so-called osaka rule, which automatically excluded doping sinners from the next olympics. This rule also contradicted the WADA code. However, the IOC now wants the new WADA code, which is to be adopted in south africa in 2013, to be supplemented by the osaka rule.

"The IOC has already taken the initiative in the current revision process of the WADA code," said IOC vice president thomas bach. "Better sanctioning possibilities in the fight against doping must be opened up to the IOC, but also to the noks. The ruling underscores the need for the IOC’s prestige."

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