A wonderful, fruitful time

A wonderful, fruitful time

Leopoldine lucas, head of the senior citizens’ meeting in stadtschwarzach, looked back on a "wonderful and fruitful time" during the celebrations marking 20 years of existence in the arche. Lucas, who has been with the organization from the beginning as chairwoman, touched on the founding year 1992, among other things, in her review.

Right at the start, a big carnival party was held, the director reported. About 200 events followed, which brought variety into the daily lives of the seniors. Special services, retreats and many excursions that brought the members of the seniors’ meeting together were also discussed.

Over 8000 euros for the arche

Lucas also recalled the happy dance circle that was formed nine years ago and is currently attended by about 20 participants. The focus of the meetings was, among other things, "feeling good or not being alone". Lucas thanked all those who had worked for the seniors’ meeting place over the past 20 years. As she pointed out, it has been possible to contribute to the upkeep of the ark with a sum of 8386.20 euros through commitment and generous donations.

Words of praise spoken by mayor lothar nagel. He described the seniors’ meeting place as an important institution of the market and pointed out the annual requirement. Nagel thanked those responsible for their commitment and presented them with a monetary gift. The former pastor, father wolfram, who was one of the initiators of the senior citizens’ meeting, recalled the founding years and praised leopoldine lukas in particular.

Only a good echo

The former parish secretary took over responsibility from the beginning and organized numerous events as director with her helpers. "I only get a good echo," said father wolfram. "This valuable service must not be allowed to expire," he emphasized and stated: "people should also be allowed to be people in the future and hear good words from loving people in a cold and anonymous world.".

Deacon lorenz kleinschnitz, a deacon for the elderly from the deanery who helped develop the senior citizens’ meeting place in schwarzach, praised the good program of the get-togethers. In addition to drinking coffee with each other, there is also a "beyond". Kleinschnitz thanked the chairwoman lucas for her commitment and father wolfram, who was responsible not only for the construction of the ark, but also for the idea of founding such an important facility. Father matthaus sandrock, who presented flowers to leopoldine lucas, also spoke a word of praise. Among the guests was the deanery chairwoman margit pfaff (sommerach).

Musical contributions were provided by the frankenduo (theobald buchel and josef pfohlmann) from ebrach. In addition, a quiz was organized and the schwarzach dance group showed samples of its skills.

The event began with a jubilee service in the parish church.

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