Yes for the preservation of the god’s garden

On the castle referendum in bad staffelstein on 24. November we received the following reader’s opinion:: grundfeld is a beautiful place at the foot of the vierzehnheiligener mountain. On one side the monastery of banz, on the other the basilica of vierzehnheiligen with the monastery, in addition the staffelberg and in the background the egg mountains. All this is part of the garden of god, from many points of view a unique, unique experience. Two gigantic logistics halls are now to be built into this culturally and historically valuable and unique landscape of the highest european rank at the foot of vierzehnheiligener berg.

The almost ten-meter-high structures are truly not invisible. They destroyed valuable view motifs of the unique interplay of vierzehnheiligen, banz monastery and staffelberg, the triumvirate of the god’s garden. The halls put pressure on the small-scale residential development of grundfeld. For the construction of the halls, immense areas (25,500 square meters for the halls, plus several thousand square meters for the marshalling areas) of valuable farmland had to be destroyed. They are simply concreted over and were lost forever. Many farmers would like to continue working the rich and valuable soil in order to be able to supply us better with regionally produced food. (we in germany condemn destructions of the so important rainforest in brazil, but here at home we are allowed to destroy more and more valuable organic/ocological nutrient soil. What double standards!).

Bad staffelstein is a tourist resort with two clinics, a thermal spa, outpatient therapy centers, hotels, restaurants and many private guesthouses and advertises itself as a health region. Tourism determines a large part of the economic power of bad staffelstein and creates many jobs. Why do so many vacationers come to us? But because of a (despite some traffic cuts) appealing natural landscape with cultural and art historical monuments. Here is also a place of religiousness and spirituality.

The builder tries to make us believe that if he was not allowed to build right here, jobs would be lost. There are other areas. In its own communications, the CS trans company emphasized that it had also been offered other sites. In the district of lichtenfels alone, there are industrial sites and empty hall stands.

The protection of the uniqueness of the god’s garden and at the same time the preservation of valuable farmland should take precedence over private economic interests. Therefore: yes for the preservation of the gottesgarten.

Manfred budenbender

Bad staffelstein

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