When driving instructors disappear

When driving instructors disappear

On 14. August 1893 the world’s first driving test was held in paris. The reason was the increase in traffic volume, which led to an increasing number of accidents. Today, the world’s first driving test celebrates its 125th anniversary. Birthday. On this occasion, we spoke to driving instructors in the district of kitzingen and asked them about their experiences.

Down to 240

Stefan grau has been a driving instructor since 1992 and runs the avanti driving school in kitzingen. "We were driving in heavy rain on the B8 towards wurzburg. The driving instructor can’t find the windshield wiper and keeps on driving. The teacher told the schoolboy what a bastard his driving instructor was for not cleaning the windows. The driving instructor said yes."

The bouncer then loved to stop the driving instructor. He should get a rag and clean the windows. "When he got wet, he then realized it was raining," grau said with a wink. "But in the end he passed."

Also on the B 8 was gray in his next story on the road. "The prufer asked me if we could make it in 15 minutes from the freeway junction via the A 3 to kiliansback. I replied to him that the prufling must then accelerate. The A 3 was free and the driving instructor accelerated more and more. At 240 it was the prufer then but too fast."

Self-destruct button

Grau also reassures those who are afraid of the examiner’s questions at the beginning of the test: "in a theory lesson, i explained that you can’t actually fail the questions. Even if you say that the hazard warning lights are the self-destruct button. A few weeks later, a driving instructor was asked about the hazard warning lights. He said it was the self-destruction."

Gray had another bizarre experience at the test of another driving instructor. "Usually when you see a stop sign, you pay up to two and then keep going," grey explained.

However, one driving instructor said: "a little mickey mouse, take off your pants, put them back on and it’s your turn." He repeated the saying at every stop sign. "In the end, the examiner told me that he would let him pass, even though not everything was right with him. But it turned out that the instructor was betting with a friend."

Mirror smooth affair

Walter schellhorn has been a driving instructor for 39 years and has been running the schellhorn driving school in kitzingen and schwarzach since 1985. In his early days as a driving instructor he was on the road in wurzburg.

"An old lady had a test. She could not handle the automatic. The prufer loved to fail her because she had run a stop sign uberfahren. The woman was a bit confused and just accelerated. I had trouble getting the vehicle to stop."

In winter, about 25 years ago, schellhorn was on his way to kaltensondheim. "In kitzingen it was already very cold. The driving instructor did not see the sharp left turn. She was driving too fast for these conditions. I always wait as long as possible before braking." With temperatures around freezing it was slippery though. The vehicle slid against the sign. "The bumper was bent and a traffic sign was knocked down. There was a damage of 6000 marks. The schoolgirl asked if she had failed now."

Around the hospital

Driving instructor arno reiner from the driving school martin muller in iphofen can look back on 21 years in this profession. "I had a test with a very pregnant woman who gave birth 14 days later. The prufer love to drive around the hospital all the time. It was hard to decide who was more nervous. The driving instructor or the prufer. She passed."

However, another driving instructor has failed twice. "A young man failed in kitzingen in front of his own house. His father put the organic waste garbage can in front of the house. He thought it was free, and got the barrel full and did not pass. He broke off the second test in the middle of the drive because the stress was too much for him."

Lost prufling

Claus kerschensteiner has been a driving instructor for 20 years and is head of the traffic education center mainfranken. "During a test drive through kitzingen, the test driver was always driving at the limit. He was hard on the edge of failing. He passed, but at the end the examiner asked him why he was driving so fast. He replied that he had to go to work."

Over long distances a female driving instructor did better. "She drove clean for three quarters of an hour. At the bleichwasen she can choose a parking place. She takes the place opposite the car from the bouncer and slightly bumps against it. Nothing happened, but the test was over."Kerschensteiner has also already lost a candidate. "During a tractor test we lost a tractor because it made a wrong turn". I said to the bouncer that he must have gone back to his yard. He was there too. He heard over the radio that he had passed the test."

The beginning of the end

Stephan friedlein, head of the driving school of the same name in marktbreit, has experienced very short examinations. " A prufling sat on his glasses. The test was over before it even started, because the driving instructor is not allowed to drive without glasses."

The new media don’t stop at exams: "one of the candidates was texting on his cell phone with a buddy during the exam drive."It was clear that the test had been canceled.

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