Werner wolf wants to pump up soder

Werner wolf wants to pump up soder

No end to the debt in grafenberg in sight. Rather, city chamberlain ernst steinlein assumes an additional credit requirement of 1.2 million euros for the 2013 budget year.
The city’s financial situation is even worsening now that, according to steinlein, hopes of additional funds from structural assistance have been dashed. This is due to the fact that grafenberg’s financial strength has fallen to 19 percent below the state average for comparable municipalities in recent years. For financial aid, however, grafenberg had to be 20 percentage points below the national average.

District levy drops

however, grafenberg can still hope for compensation funds for the loss of trade tax in the past budget years.
"For the current budget year, there are signs of a plus in trade tax and property tax revenues," said steinlein, said steinlein. In addition, grafenberg will have to pay 120,000 euros less for the district levy next year.
Key allocations will also be higher due to low financial strength.
Steinlein, meanwhile, fears that this plus could be eaten up again by the increased energy costs alone. Still in october and thus before beginning of the budget discussions grafenbergs mayor werner wolf () wants to look for therefore the discussion with the bavarian minister of finance markus soder (CSU).
In this context, wolf wants to make clear to soder once again the constrained financial situation of the city of grafenberg.
Second mayor hans-jurgen nekolla (SPD), meanwhile, called on the city of grafenberg to take care of the city’s properties, despite all the tight spots. The properties could not be left to decay under any circumstances.

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