Wagner’s lead not enough for fc sand

wagner's lead not enough for fc sand

This time, the surprise failed to materialize: after a strong first half, the FC sand footballers (16.) beaten 1:2 (1:0) by fourth-placed wurzburger FV in the bavarian league north. Andreas bauer and christian dan turned the game around for coach marc reitmaier’s eleven after sebastian wagner had made it 1-0 at the break in front of a crowd of about 200 at the lakeside stadium. Most likely, this defeat means the relegation for the "basket makers": on the rescue 13. ATSV erlangen is nine points out of first place with four games left to play. FC sand – wurzburger FV 1:2 compared to the 2:2 draw at DJK gebenbach before, there was a change in the lineup at FC sand: captain andre karmann, who is no longer suspended, replaced danny schlereth in the central defense.

Sander with double

Wurzburg went into the game as clear favorites, but nevertheless the guests showed respect after the late 1:2 defeat in the first half of the season. The reitmaier-elf had a little more ball possession, but without too much scoring danger. Wurzburger FV had an incredibly difficult time against the deep-lying sander, who once again played with philipp markof and shaban rugovaj at the top of the lineup. Sands playmaker sebastian wagner took heart, dribbled into the penalty area and completed exemplary to 1:0 the home side (24. Minute). Coach dieter schlereth’s eleven took advantage of the first rough chance – that’s what cold-bloodedness looks like.

Promptly the guests blew to the counterattack, the wurzburger david drosler gave a dangerous header, the sander goalkeeper stefan klemm parried sovereign on the line (27.). Surprisingly, the "basket makers" were the second goal in this phase closer than the guest. Shaban rugovaj shot from 15 meters away and hit the left post (33).). The sander team played a solid build-up, were fully committed in the duels and got many second balls – the fans would like to see FC sand like this in every match.

Superior until the break

Shortly before half-time, the wurzburgers once again caught the eye when benjamin schoning hit the crossbar from 17 meters (45.). But the sander had so far everything under control and went into the half-time break with a lot of self-confidence. All the more bitter that the sander missed the start of the second half. After a free kick from the right, andreas bauer headed in the equalizer (49.).

"In terms of play, we simply don’t have the ability to keep up with such a team. That we mark the equalizer directly after the break, nevertheless, simply must not be", so dieter schlereth. From now on, the gaste dominated the game, the sander reacted to the equalizer shocked. Wurzburg’s ben muller heads just wide of goal (57.). The reitmaier-elf gained more and more stability and took a higher risk. The wurzburgers repeatedly put the hosts in a tight spot, especially with headers. "The fourth in the table naturally has a high quality – we tried to make the best of it. Unfortunately, we did not defend so well, especially with the headers.", explained the sander head coach after the game.

Degraded in the second half

It didn’t take long for the wurzburgers to strike again: after a cross from the left, christian dan slid in a confident finish for the 2-1 lead (58.). From the play strength from the first half, the home side was almost nothing to see, the quality of the table fourth prevailed. Although the sander team tried to set accents in the offensive, it was mainly the guests who made their move.

From the half-right, wurzburg’s marc hanschke shot just over the crossbar – klemm was still on the ball with his fingertips (65 minutes).). Kapitan sebastian fries had to score the 3:1 when he came from seven meters to finish (80.).

Dieter schlereth was somewhat disappointed, even if his team had shown a respectable performance against the favorite: "we had long held the 1-0 and perhaps in the first half still the second goal to mark. The result of the game is unfortunate, because we could have got a point or a goal. Must." In view of the difficult remaining schedule, the goal of staying in the league is probably out of the question – the gap to ATSV erlangen is nine points. FC sand klemm – bechmann, witchen (83. Gonnert), karmann, T. Schlereth, D. Schmidt, reith, steinmann, wagner, markof, rugovaj (83. Rippstein)

Wurzburger FV koob – drosler, muller, hofmann (87. Lorenz), istrefi, dan, fries, eberhardt (46. Michel), schmomig, hanschke, bauer (52. Obrusnik) SR beretic (friedberg) spectators 200

Goals 1:0 wagner (24.), 1:1 bauer (49.), 1:2 dan (58.) yellow cards rugovaj / schomig, hanschke

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