Thousands of days on school duty

Thousands of days on school duty

During a small ceremony on monday, the director of the school district, stefanie mayr-leidnecker, was able to congratulate six teachers on 25 or 40 years of service in the rooms of the school district.

Such a reappraisal of the past could also point the way to the educational work of the future, because it is precisely there that the question arises as to what we want to preserve and what we want to change, emphasized the director of the education authority.

Trouble and exchange

What is not always adequately taken into account by the public is the high psychological and physical strain that the teaching profession entails on a daily basis. 25 or 40 years of teaching have meant almost 5,000 or 8,000 days of school service, days full of joy, happiness and satisfaction with what has been achieved, but also, at times, disputes, anger and disenchantment with pupils, parents, colleagues or superiors.

"How great the social importance of the teacher is, becomes really clear when you think about how many children and young people have gone through their education in the last 25 or 40 years with your help and your professional and pedagogical commitment", the school district director noted approvingly. 25 or 40 years as a teacher means having passed on to several generations attitudes, values and qualifications that are crucial for the development of society, mayr-leidnecker emphasized.

Bernhard jebberger, in his capacity as chairman of the staff council, praised his colleagues for the many challenges they had successfully met over the decades. He praised her for mastering the many situations in which her patience was needed and put to the test, for her willingness to innovate in terms of embracing new curricula, and for her constant efforts to teach her students new things, for professionalism in dealing with the sometimes insufficient public recognition and lack of respect for teaching and for the teacher as a person, for the constant effort to get along and cooperate with colleagues, and for the effort to do justice to the students' performance in grading.

Certificates presented

With the presentation of a certificate and a flower bouquet, the director of the school district expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the achievements of the honored teachers.

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