The secret of the icemaker’s art

At these temperatures hardly anyone says no to ice cream. In a waffle or in a cup, raspberry or vanilla – the main thing is cold and sub.
Even forzan doriano thinks ice cream is great. However, not only to eat, he makes the cold preciousness itself. Doriano works in the ice cream parlor of the kitzingen ice cream parlor cortina eis on the market square. Homemade italian ice cream since 1971. But how does it actually work?
For the strawberry ice cream, doriano mixes a liquid mixture of strawberry juice, whole fruits, sugar and a powder that later makes the ice cream solid. The whole thing is purified to get a pulpy juice. Then doriano adds a female paste called vellutina, an emulsifier preparation that makes the ice cream creamy as it is.

The ice cream maker pours the finished liquid into the ice cream machine. Here it is cooled down to minus 20 degrees celsius with constant stirring.

The ruhr machine turns and cools the ice cream for 15 minutes until it has become a solid, cold mass. And with that the strawberry ice cream is already as good as ready. With a long ice scraper, similar to a paddle, doriano takes the creamy mixture out of the machine. From there it goes directly into the sales tray. For some flavors, such as raspberry, doriano mixes a raspberry mixture into the finished ice cream to preserve the flavor. "Raspberry is the variety of the year", doriano tells. It has been the best seller so far this year.

36 different kinds of cortina ice cream are offered for sale every day. Doriano can mix up to twice as many varieties with his ice cream machine.

"Every few days our offer changes", explains the ice cream maker. "In addition to standard flavors like vanilla and strawberry, we also make exotic flavors like passion fruit, mango, pineapple or watermelon ice cream." For those who don’t like it quite so fruity, there is also white chocolate or snickers in ice cream form.
But not all varieties are made the same. "Vanilla and spaghetti ice cream have different ingredients than fruit ice cream", doriano explains. "Here we mix fluffy vanilla with sugar, milk and eggs." Real vanilla beans are used for the aroma. "In the milk ice cream machine, the mixture is first heated to 90 degrees celsius and then, after about ten minutes, cooled down to minus eight degrees celsius", reports the ice maker. The finished mixture finally flows from the bottom of the machine directly into a sales tray.
All the varieties add up to a lot during the day. Doriano produces eight kilograms of the creamy refreshment. For this he starts every day at 6 o’clock in the morning and then mixes and mixes until noon at 2 p.M. The 52-year-old has now been providing the popular ice cream on the market in kitzingen for twelve years.
Also his boss antonio ricciardelli is satisfied with his work. "When the weather is good, we have a very good turnover", he reports. Ricciardelli has taken over the ice cream parlor only this year. The italian moved to germany in 1985 and brought the ice cream and the passion for it with him to kitzingen. He likes the contact with the customers and the kitzingen attitude to life. But above all he likes ice cream: "chocolate, snickers and nut ice cream. And in the summer, when it’s really hot, i like yogurt ice cream best", betrayal of the owner.

Read more about this topic in the saturday edition of your kitzinger.

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