The club’s management sees the rodental g sports community as a success story

The rodental sports club (SG) is an extremely active grassroots sports club. The offers are becoming more and more complex, the SG is booming. With 1638 members in 2018, the SG looks back on a record year. "The association has reached a rough stage where we have to think seriously about how to proceed", said chairman michael scheler at the annual general meeting. "We have had a very strong membership development: in 2007 the low with 980 people and in 2018 the high with 1638", according to scheler. 84 new registrations last year alone, with the highest number in the 41 to 60 age group (rehabilitation sports). "We want to continue to expand the services offered in the adult sector",scheler said in view of these figures. "Furthermore, almost 50 percent of the members are younger than 18", says scheler. Of the 14 departments, gymnastics has the most members (about 500), followed by fubball (about 200), then swimming (about 140), martial arts, rehabilitation sports, show dancing, handball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis and darts. Currently 102 (five less than in the previous year) work as training supervisors (51 with/51 without a license). "In principle, there is a need in every department, we are always looking for people, partly among the exercise leaders, but any help is welcome everywhere", said scheler.

A lot was invested last year: a new oven insert and a fire alarm were installed in the youth center. In the sports center, the furnishings in the guest room were completed, an electronic cash register was introduced, a WLAN connection was set up, the kitchen was further optimized (pizza oven, refrigerated counter) and much more. The incomes and expenditures are again in the lot. The budget plans of the departments had been largely adhered to. The guesthouse has already earned the expenses for interest and repayment of the loan. The income from the economic sector continued to decrease. The chairman reported that premium income had increased. Since may 2018, the regular guesthouse operation has been running in the "SG-treff", which is operated in self-management. Flammkuchen/pizza and a french monthly beer are the bestsellers there. The club wanted to create a meeting place for all members of the club, but also a place to meet the people, and it has been successful. "I think the SG is such a small success story", said president thomas gehrlicher. The member auction proves this. Other clubs fought. "I think that also distinguishes us as an association, that we have people with ideas in the departments, who want to create something together."

"The SG club is very strong and covers a wide range of topics. You have a major influence on the sporting scene in rodental", thanked mayor marco steiner. Manja von nida

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