The “bathing” oak

It was a salvage operation of an unusual kind: on monday morning, a five-man squad from the city’s garden department used a rope winch to pull a mighty oak out of the regnitz river, which had already fallen into the river on friday afternoon at an angle opposite the wolfsschlucht gorge.

The riverbank tree, which appeared to be fully intact in its crown and appearance, had toppled over due to eroded roots, explains deputy head of the garden office michael gerencser in the press release from the town hall.

At the weekend, the tree, which protrudes far into the river regnitz, became an immediate attraction in the splendid summer weather. Some grove visitors used the main trunk lying horizontally above the water as a seat and loved to cool off their feet in the regnitz river. The fallen oak did not pose an immediate danger, but it had to be removed to prevent coarse ashes or other tree parts from drifting downstream towards the boathouse, the grove baths and the city center.

The workers of the grove crew went to work with a keen eye and a high degree of professionalism: before the cable winch could be used, the chainsaws first had to be fired up to remove several side trunks. Just 20 minutes later the tree was "pulled ashore".

The garden department has one more important point to make: if temporary closures are necessary for such salvage operations, tree felling or other tree maintenance work, these must be observed at all costs. Anyone who, as a cyclist, jogger or pedestrian, thinks they can ignore them is not only hindering the work of the emergency services, but above all endangering their own health.

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