System klinsmann ruttelt at hertha hierarchy

System klinsmann ruttelt at hertha hierarchy

In a rush, prominent coach addition jurgen klinsmann gives the 127-year-old and badly ailing hertha a fresh cell cure.

And even after the first few hours of getting to know the berlin pros and all the other protagonists of the fubball bundesliga team, it becomes clear that the former world champion and national coach is far more than just a helper in an emergency. "If you say A, so supervisory board, you also have to say B," klinsmann declared ahead of his second day coaching the 1930 and 1931 german champions. Heibt: together with new investor lars windhorst, klinsmann gets a rough redesign plan rolling.

"For the club as a whole, the arrival of klinsmann and his team is a great signal with a spirit of optimism," windhorst told the german press agency. Those who had assumed that the financial investor, who was involved in football for the first time in a public way, would leave the 224 million euros of his tennor group to hertha without any rough influence, were now allowed to think differently. First he had elevated his proxy klinsmann to the supervisory board, now klinsmann is coach. "Our idea – the interplay of capital and fubball intelligence – works," explained windhorst, even before the first ball rolls under klinsmann.

No one was surprised by klinsmann’s approach to the hertha project. He brought in five new specialists at once. As national coach from 2004 to 2006, the swabian-born klinsmann had already installed a system with many specialists and new methods that also demanded sacrifices. In addition, the 108-time national player is a "man with enormous charisma," as hertha manager michael preetz also noted.

Despite the short-term fixation on a quick end to the sporting crisis, the combination of klinsmann/windhorst stands for medium- and long-term changes and ruttelt on the previous club hierarchy with the bosses preetz and werner gegenbauer. The hertha president had emphasized not even three weeks ago at the general meeting on the possible dangers of the partnership with windhorst still: "we keep the command."

"The cooperation between tennor and hertha is not yet so old that we have positioned ourselves in all areas. We are in the exploratory phase. How do we want to work together and benefit from each other?" Said preetz at the klinsmann presentation. For many years, sports director and ex-club record scorer was hertha’s most recognizable face. The direction of the probe will now initially be determined by "lars," as klinsmann often says as a windhorst confidant, and the new coach. "Lars windhorst’s investment also has the goal of making a difference in the city. It’s super exciting that I can play a part in this," klinsmann remarked.

The not-so-small problem is that he must first succeed in quickly easing the sporting situation. "This gives micha time to define who could come on board? Who will steer the ship forward in the long term?" Klinsmann remarked in the direction of his friend and superior preetz. Youngest sacked bayern coach niko kovac, who had rejected a short-term move to hertha, is still said to be the favored long-term solution.

His first impression of his new team was "very positive," said klinsmann after getting to know them on the training turf. "I also know the potential. I know all the talent that’s there."But the 55-year-old also pointed out one of the biggest challenges for himself and his new staff: "professional sports don’t leave much time."Already on saturday (15.30 p.M.) klinsmann’s team receives borussia dortmund with ex-hertha coach lucien favre under pressure.

"The important thing is that we build up self-confidence, that everyone supports each other," klinsmann stressed. After four league defeats in a row and a drop to the relegation zone, the inexperienced bundesliga coach ante covic had to leave the team. "There’s only one thing to do now: help the team with everything it needs to score points. To get out of the precarious situation as quickly as possible. We have started this adventure," said klinsmann.

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