Shelly phillips gives concert in neustadt

Shelly phillips gives concert in neustadt

Shelly phillips performs with her band "kein fruhstuck" at the sport-music-fun-festival (spomff) on saturday, 4. August, at the villeneuve-sur-lot amusement park in neustadt on. This was confirmed by anja zietz from the municipal youth work of the district (koja) on request.

The singer, who made it to the semi-finals of the german preliminary round of the eurovision song contest ("unser star fur baku"), will play with her band for the visitors and participants of the spomff. Also present: the regional bands "the limits and "blind pilots. On the posters next to "livemusik" is written still "special guest, because that shelly really performs, was only now really fixed. It was allowed to drive the visitor numbers clearly upward – particularly since with the spomff, which the district coburg organizes, no admission is raised.

But there is not only a great music offer. When youth care is behind an event, there is always something to entice people to get active themselves. The sports facilities include a segway ride, slacklines, a giant foosball table and, of course, skaters will get their money’s worth.

Prizes to be won

"enter the 5-friends-contest and test your endurance and skill and win great prizes", juliane eras from the youth welfare office in neustadt invites you to join in, and: "you want to sing or make music? Then comes on the stage! Here you could jam or sing karaoke together with other musicians." Admission to the amusement park is 14 and over.30 o’clock. In the afternoon, the music will be canned – played by professional djs.

From 7 p.M. "The limits" will play live on the stage and "blind pilots" will play live on stage as the two announced opening acts – and what has so far been described as a "big surprise" and "blind pilots" was announced, is just now shelly with "no fruhstuck".

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