Scary and atmospheric

Scary and atmospheric

At the club evening of the photo club the judging of the picture of the month february was on the program. The decision was not easy, because chairman karl-heinz gehringer showed a wide selection of his impressive photos, which he had captured on his travels or visits to events.

The members agreed that his photo "rauhnacht" both scary and eerie and it is not an easy task to get a sharp and impressive photo under these low light conditions.

With the thomas night to the 22. December every year the rauhnacht begins. They end with the epiphany – three-iconic. Damons and souls of the deceased can escape the spirit realm. The "wild hunt begins, people live in fear.Women and children were not allowed to leave the house alone at night. Myths and customs have survived around the eleven nights between the years in many parts of europe. Rauhnacht takes place every year in the bavarian forest and alpine region. The photo was taken in lam. Hundreds of spectators gathered at the anger. Ghosts, perchten and witches, their faces hidden by wooden masks, appear dressed in skins and spread fear and terror.

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