Saving a human life can be “totally simple

Saving a human life can be

The eighth and ninth grade students at the hans edelmann school received basic instruction in resuscitation as part of the nationwide "save a life – 100 for resuscitation" campaign week. The goal is to increase public awareness of the use of simple cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques. Quick help is needed in an emergency. Randomly present or relatives can become lifesavers by their determined action.

In an international comparison, germans lag behind when it comes to taking first-aid measures, said BRK on-call doctor daniel gardill. To increase the willingness to help, the BRK district association takes part in the "save a life" campaign every year. Rainer gardill took over the theoretical introduction with his colleague tim rochholz. Then the students were able to demonstrate resuscitation in practice on manikins. This is, in the words of daniel gardill, something "totally simple".

Knowledge is important

First-aid instructor michaela schoberth made it clear that knowledge about proper resuscitation is important in society. There is "far too much inhibition", but also fear of possibly doing something wrong.

It is the wish of the ministry of education that children are trained in resuscitation once a year and that their fear is taken away from them at an early age. Michaela schoberth is a first-aid instructor. For her, it is important that all children are trained. In the future, this should also happen at all secondary schools in the district.

Fear is unnecessary

The BRK-kreisverband has supported the campaign from the very beginning. District manager jurgen dippold has also assigned some volunteers to the task: "this week, several of the same actions will take place. We want to achieve with it that the schools dare to help. We want to take away the fear and increase the competence."

School board member kerstin zapf referred to the ministry of education's guidelines, which now need to be implemented in schools. "one must burn for the thing, then I can motivate the young people." 

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