Renovation of the schwanbergstrabe will be a big deal

There are still many question marks behind the planned expansion of the road to schwanberg. It remains to be seen when this will start, as well as how much the general rehabilitation of the 2.9-kilometer-long road will cost in the end. The only thing that is clear is that a really thick board has to be drilled here. It’s getting late – and it’s getting expensive.

Once a private road

The whole thing has to be paid for by the county as the road construction authority. The road is officially numbered KT 56, often called schwanbergstrabe or less frequently landrat-schad-strabe. The history goes back a long way: in 1910/1911 it was a private road of count castell-rudenhausen , in 1964 the county took over the access road and started the extension from 1965 to 1966.

Now – after more than 50 years – a renovation is on the agenda. Behind the scenes, plans are being made at high pressure for the future project. First talks took place back in 2015. Corresponding investigations were then stepped up this year, for which the district council 210.000 euro was made available. What the schwanberg access road will cost in the end "cannot be stated at this point in time," according to information from the road construction administration at the district office.

Diverse challenges

The exciting question of how to get to the schwanberg during the renovation work also seems to have not yet been finally decided. It will probably come down to a half-way closure and thus a rather tight one for both workers and motorists. Here, "the design planning is currently being worked on", according to the information from the district office.

The challenges are many: the road is like a serpentine, is just 5.50 meters wide and overcomes a high difference of 170 meters. The geological subsoil changes every few meters. And: the boschung presses unaufhorlich on the strabe, why just at the valley-side roadside considerable strabenschaden occur. Concrete plans – according to estimates at the district office – should be available around mid-2019.

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