Proposal causes trouble

Mayor helmut blank (CSU) reacted with great displeasure to the motion by forum aktiv freie wahler, SPD and leo pfennig (independent). In it, the city councilors had demanded that mayor helmut blank present a draft budget in a timely manner. The city council chief had previously canceled the upcoming budget retreat because of the uncertainty surrounding the collection of abutters’ fees.
"An application is not available at the city administration", helmut blank gave vent to his displeasure. Should heiben, he found out about the existence of the application from the newspaper. Leo pfennig was the only one behind the request, the mayor said. He should seek contact with the city administration in the future. "It’s part of the job." Then the factions could sit down with the chamberer and look for a solution to the problem.

1.2 million euros missing

The managing official and chamberer, stefan bierdimpfl, explained that planned investments are secured by commitment powers, even if there is no budget for the time being. Because the city is not collecting any contributions at the moment due to the discussions about the road expansion contribution statute, there is a shortfall of around 1.2 million euros in revenue in the budget. If a decision is made in munich or there is a reliable signal that the municipalities will not suffer any financial disadvantages, he can present the budget within two weeks.
He said that was also possible now, but then someone had to tell him what to do with the missing 1.2 million euro. "We still want a budget, leo pfennig said. He admitted that the application had in fact been inadvertently left out of the city’s records. He will call for it. But the issue could not be dealt with at the next city council meeting anyway.

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