Maduro: cancer-stricken chavez not permanently absent

Maduro: cancer-stricken chavez not permanently absent

Even then, there was no permanent absence of the elected head of state, which was required by the constitution to hold new elections, maduro said friday on state television. "None of the traps described in article 233 apply right now," said maduro, who was interviewed on the program by information minister ernesto villegas.

The actual 10. January’s swearing-in ceremony before the national assembly could be postponed and chavez, who is battling complications after cancer surgery in cuba, could take the oath before the supreme court later. In this case, the constitution offers "dynamic flexibility," maduro said. It allows the president a temporary absence of 90 days, which can be extended by another 90-day period. He accused the opposition of trying to destabilize the country and reverse the revolution.

Chavez’s health had deteriorated after the fourth cancer operation on 11. December further deteriorated in the past weeks. Villegas announced on thursday that he was in respiratory distress due to a severe pneumonia. The left-wing populist was on 7. Elected for another term in office in october.

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