Lieberknecht wins with last at first

Lieberknecht wins with last at first

A debut couldn’t have gone any better: torsten lieberknecht celebrated his debut as coach of second-division soccer team MSV duisburg with a win at the league leaders.

The long-serving brunswick coach celebrated a 2-1 (1-1) win at 1. FC koln and MSV leave last place in the table after first win of the season. Lieberknecht raised his fist in the air in triumph after the final whistle. The FC, which had previously won three games in a row, has a 9-0 lead. Two points ahead of the first chasers on the first day of the season.

"I think we were very well prepared for the opponent," MSV captain kevin wolze praised the new coach on sky. "All in all, it was a deserved win."Lieberknecht spoke of a "first step".

The man of the match for duisburg was cauly oliveira souza, who was trained in the FC youth team and scored the 1:0 goal on monday evening (9).) and forced the decisive own goal by matthias bader (73.). National player jonas hector had equalized in the meantime (35.). FC goalkeeper simon terodde, who came from duisburg’s junior team, remained scoreless for the first time in six games with a total of twelve goals.

"The first 30 minutes were certainly the weakest this season," said kolns keeper timo horn. "This is a used day for us."

148 days after he was relegated with braunschweig in a 2:6 loss at kiel, lieberknecht made his comeback – against then kiel coach markus anfang on the kolner bench. Lieberknecht had only made one change in personnel compared to the last game under his manager ilja gruew: oliveira souza played for ahmet engin – and promptly scored for the surprisingly brisk team at the bottom of the table.

But koln equalized with the very first goal chance – and lieberknecht was furious: even before the corner kick that resulted in hector’s goal, he had complained to the fourth official that there should have been a goal kick. But the duisburg team remained dangerous, a header by dustin bomheuer was deflected against the crossbar by horn (44).). In the 2. In the first half, koln ran resolutely but rather haphazardly against passionately defending duisburg and even ran into a counterattack.

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