Kulmbach schoolgirls part with their braids

Kulmbach schoolgirls part with their braids

More schoolgirls than expected took part in the "pigtail off" campaign, organized by the school council (SMV) at caspar-vischer-gymnasium. At the suggestion of teacher angelika weib, people were sought who were willing to part with their hair for a good cause. The aim was to support cancer aid, or more precisely the federal association of second hair specialists (BVZ), in the "rapunzel" campaign to support.

"The collected hair is auctioned off at the trade fair for second hair and made into wigs, for example for chemo patients", said angelika weib, who donated the proceeds of the auction to the charitable foundation ‘humor helps healing’. The foundation initiates and supports clown visits in clinics and facilities for children and adults in need of care.
And so, surrounded by fellow students, numerous schoolgirls lined up at the CVG to get rid of their hair before the vacations. But no one had to fear a bad haircut, because angelika weib had completed an apprenticeship as a hairdresser before studying to be a teacher.

Not colored

The requirements for donating hair were: at least 25 to 30 centimeters, not colored and reasonably intact, meaning as little split ends as possible. In addition, donors under the age of 16 needed the consent of their parents. Like fifth-grader emmi barbic, for example, who was spontaneously motivated by her older sister anne. "I cut my hair when i was a little kid, i don’t have a problem with that", said the schoolgirl and loved to cut off her hair without batting an eye.

A total of 21 braids were collected in this way, and two boys even love to shave their heads in solidarity with the donors.

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