Grun-rot in the southwest argues about study fees for foreigners

Grun-rot in the southwest argues about study fees for foreigners

Foreign students could be asked to pay up to 1000 euros per semester, suggested grunen faction leader edith sitzmann to the "stuttgarter nachrichten" newspaper. SPD parliamentary group leader claus schmiedel promptly rejected it. "There will be no general tuition fees for non-EU citizens in baden-wurttemberg," he told sudwestrundfunk radio. The opposition, the state student council and the chamber of commerce and industry also opposed the proposal. After the change of power in the country, grun-rot had abolished the general tuition fees in the southwest that had been in force until then.

Sitzmann assumes that the students affected by the new plans could afford the fees: "as a rule, those who come to us from the USA or asia do not come from the poorest parental homes," she told the blatt. In this way, a two-digit million amount could be collected. Foreign students who can’t afford the fees should receive a scholarship, sitzmann told radio station antenne 1.

The ministry of science in stuttgart, led by the grun-reds, confirmed the considerations. The plans were "examined from a legal and social point of view and with regard to the competitiveness of the universities," a spokeswoman for department head theresia bauer said.

According to the ministry of science, only the free state of saxony has so far granted its universities the right to charge tuition fees to non-EU citizens. However, this is only practiced at the music academy in leipzig.

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