Ehc red bull munchen makes ice hockey history

Ehc red bull munchen makes ice hockey history

After the breathtaking storm into the history books, the EHC red bull munich field hockey players quickly began to look forward to the family duel.

The 5:5 draw with the malmo redhawks not only secured the german champions a place in the champions field hockey league semifinals and a place among the top four teams in the competition. After triple-goal scorer trevor parkes had sent the EHC into the night, maximilian kastner was already looking forward to a "special semifinal" against salzburg that "everyone had wished for. The explosive thing about it: munchen against salzburg also means red bull against red bull.

The teams are owned by the austrian brewery giant, and both are now fighting for a place in the final in january. In munich and on 16. In salzburg. "It’s going to be a fight," matchwinner parkes announced. "We want to show that we are the better red bulls," said kastner still in sweden in the euphoria after a furious evening.

Until one of the greatest club successes of german field hockey was perfect, munich had to survive a turbulent game: after the 2-1 in the first leg, the gasts were quickly down 0:2, but turned the match around to lead 3:2 in the meantime. Then the swedes made it 4-3, munich’s olympic silver medalist daryl boyle made it 4-4 just before the second intermission. With malmo leading 5:4 again in the final period, overtime had to decide the game. In the second half, parkes scored after a counterattack. "That was a rough win," summed up the canadian hat trick hero.

For five years, he had not scored a three-pointer, said the summer signed sturmer. He couldn’t have picked a better time: thanks to parkes, the EHC became the first DEL team to reach the CHL semifinals. The competition is not comparable to the fubball champions league, especially because the strong teams from the eastern european elite league KHL are missing.

But the fact that munchen beat opponents from sweden, finland and switzerland is worthy of all honor. Ten months after the winter games, a club is also promoting german ice hockey. "Everyone played great," said coach don jackson. "They fell over us, but we reacted."

"I think we wanted it more than the others right from the start," analyzed kastner after the "very crazy" match, in which the jackson squad once again defied personnel problems.

Besides the long injured michael wolf, patrick hager, jason jaffray and mads christensen, the munich team also had to replace maximilian daubner. The young professional was a co-commentator on sport1 and said things like: "we never give up." In january against salzburg it should be no different for red bull against red bull.

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