Discipline under the treetops

Andreas scheuerer erlangen-hochstadt- because of the corona pandemic, hans-gunter wirth recently created a weiben ring binder. Finally, in the past few weeks, new guidelines for his lowenbrau keller in neuhaus have been constantly added to the list. In order not to lose track, the restaurateur collected all the specifications. That so far only few guests on its cellar stromen, had to do with the strict editions. "Above all however", says hans-gunter wirth "people are still afraid".

Since monday morning, people in the district have again been allowed to visit the so-called aubengastronomie – but the long-awaited rush to the beloved beer cellars failed to materialize in the vast majority of cases. "We got a lot of calls from our guests in advance," says hans-gunter wirth says wirth "comparatively few people have come to the tournament." He does not blame the guests, after all many still fear an infection with the corona virus. Wirth describes the number of visitors as "still okay", nevertheless about 80 percent of the turnover is missing at present. Due to the financial setbacks, he was able to continue employing the 25 people in the business, but the strict regulations would not be permanently enforced without help, says wirth.

The other cellars in the district also recorded a moderate number of guests in the first few days after the opening. In the felsenkeller oberreichenbach, andreas geyer had to clear almost half of his beer tables out of the cellar in order to comply with the spacing rules. Geyer does not want to complain about the circumstances, only the evening business goes off the gastronomer in the cash, after all on the cellar the money is earned mainly in the evening. But according to the regulations, the cellars were only allowed to be open until 8 p.M.

"The guests are reserved"

Franz roppelt describes the atmosphere at his bierkeller in stiebarlimbach as "pleasant", because there is no coarse gedrange at the bar and that leaves many satisfied guests. He requires patrons to sign a list at the bar. In the old malt house in hochstadt, too, guests must leave their data at the entrance. In the corona requirements for the indoor catering trade, such a registration is noted as a guideline in order to be able to better trace chains of infection. "The guests are reluctant", says managing director hakan kanbur. On average, only two of 16 tables were occupied. Kanbur attributes the low number of guests to the fact that many people are not familiar with the beer garden in the malzerei. He has therefore already had to advertise personally in the marketplace.

Generally, the restaurateurs show understanding for the strict regulations. Mouth protection and distance rules are mandatory for both employees and guests, according to bavarian rules for outdoor hospitality. According to wirth, however, everyone is telling a different story at the moment, and this has unsettled many restaurateurs. "I often lie awake at night and think a lot about whether I’m doing everything right. With all the confusion, you can never be sure", explains the cellar keeper. Finally, a violation of the rules can result in high fines of up to 5,000 euros. This is hardly manageable, especially for many small restaurateurs.

Many cellars closed on father’s day

"The guests adhere to the requirements with a lot of discipline", says hans-gunter wirth. But it is hardly feasible to check everyone all the time. If the police find a guest in the cellar without a mask, it will be on his head. He therefore appeals to his guests to adhere strictly to the rules. He expels the unruly from the place, if it is necessary. So far, however, this has not happened.

On father’s day, most cellar dwellers like to close their bar. Because many were afraid that they would not be able to comply with the rules on that day. Wirth sold his potion only to-go. The offer was well received by the guests even before the opening, he says. "We are glad that we have such loyal guests who support us in time."

He still hopes that there will be another opening soon, so as not to ruin his business and his work financially. "We will survive. But it will cost us a lot of energy", says hans-gunter wirth.

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