Dettelbach voters become winners

Dettelbach voters become winners

There is a clear winner of the panel discussion between the three candidates for the mayoral election in dettelbach on the 23rd. September: the wahler. For almost three hours, a good 650 people from dettelbach, after all almost ten percent of the residents, were able to get a detailed picture of the candidates christine konrad (), norbert schneider (UCW) and michael schuba (CSU) under the moderation of main-post editors norbert hohler and torsten schleicher in the maintalhalle on thursday evening.

The three candidates did not have it easy: the tension was already written on their faces before the event, and with the exception of michael schuba, none of the three had spoken in front of such a large audience until thursday evening. Although they knew which topics the moderators were asking about, the exact questions and who was supposed to comment on them were open.

There was also excitement in the audience. At least it was the only event where the candidates presented themselves together and were able to make the decisive impression for an election decision. And the suspense continued throughout the evening: the moderators managed to keep the audience’s interest high for almost three hours. While at similar events the audience often gets restless after just one hour and is tempted to smoke cigarettes or go to the bathroom, there was concentrated quiet until the break after just under two hours, interrupted only by the odd scene of applause.

"I would have missed out if I hadn’t come today," said one visitor during the break, "I was totally annoyed. Even before the event, she had a favorite for the election on the 23rd. September, "my image has become even more solidified today.". Like this visitor, a good half of those present had already decided on a candidate before the discussion, according to an inquiry by moderator norbert hohler. In the end, there were many more answers to the same question.

The candidates were able to score points primarily through their personalities – their political views were too close to each other in many areas. Whether the topics were urban development, environment/tourism, economy/finance or youth/family/seniors, the audience had to listen carefully to recognize the differences, if any. This is certainly also due to the fact that all three candidates are members of the city council, where many decisions are carried jointly. There were a few differences, however, for example in the information provided to the city council by the mayor and the administration: for michael schuba, this was sufficient, for christine konrad and norbert schneider, there was room for improvement.

Conclusion: even though the discussion turned into a "cuddly round" in places, and the candidates were probably too fond of each other, so that they hardly addressed the opponents’ arguments and did not pick them apart, differences did emerge. Norbert schneider did not have an easy time of it, which was probably also due to the fact that he has only limited rights as a local spokesman in the city council. The UCW man’s answers were often unconvincing, lacking clear contours and intentions.

Consequently, the other two candidates received considerably more applause from the audience. It was striking that michael schuba received approval from one corner of the hall in particular: that was where the district leadership of the CSU had gathered.

Sovereign was the performance of christine konrad on thursday. She maintained direct contact with the audience throughout the evening and also had to be admonished the least by the moderators to respond specifically to her questions.

Satisfaction among the audience at the end. "I came here with an open mind, and now I’ve been able to decide on a candidate," said one woman as she left the hall. The organizers have thus achieved their goal, which main-post editor-in-chief michael reinhard formulated in his opening remarks: "we see our task not only as reporting to you what is going on, we also want to offer you the opportunity to form an authentic opinion."

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