Bietigheim challenges bayreuth tigers twice

Bietigheim challenges bayreuth tigers twice

The tiger kafig opens its doors for the third time in six days. In the DEL2, the bayreuth tigers receive the bietigheim steelers on friday (8 p.M.). Two days later, the tigers will play the baden-wurttemberger on sunday (5 p.M.).

Bayreuth and bietigheim met twice this season. In the first meeting, the steelers won 4:1 in their own arena, before the tigers celebrated a 3:2 victory after an extension at their home tigerkafig in early november.

Coach dismissal after downhill run

Since then, a lot has changed at the steelers: marc st. Jean replaced coach hugo boisvert, and with french international guillaume leclerc and canadian myles fitgerald, bietigheim signed two more contingent forwards. Currently, the series finalist of the last years is below the claims and on a disappointing tenth place in the table .

Performance coach auber form

On the one hand, bietigheim did not manage to adequately replace departures such as weller, mcneely or sommerfeld. On the other hand, long-term performers such as mcknight, hauner or preibisch have performed far too infrequently to match their past successes. With stephon williams, the steelers mostly relied on a contingent goalie who has played about two-thirds of the games so far.

Bietigheim’s weak season can also be explained with a look at the goals scored: only crimmitschau (111) and bad nauheim (105) have scored fewer goals than bietigheim (116) so far. In terms of overtime play, only crimmitschau and bad nauheim are worse than the steelers, who have a success rate of only 16.3 percent. In contrast, the people of baden-wurrtemberg are doing well when it comes to rushing penalties and are at the top of the league with 82.6 percent of penalties held.

While the steelers are not doing well in this round, the form curve of the bayreuth tigers is pointing upwards. Three wins out of the last five games and one loss in the penalty shootout mean nine points. The tigers want to continue this trend against the steelers.

Davidek still missing

Because the mechanisms worked better and better in the last games, and that was also reflected in the points scored. With 45 payers now, bayreuth is in second-to-last place in the table. Tigers coach petri kujala expected to have same players available for next weekend as last time. Martin davidek, who has been back in team training for some time, is still too early for the double-header against bietigheim.

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