A whole year is devoted to a “project of the heart” in the world of plants

"If I can get just a few people to change their minds, then everything I have done in my life will have been worthwhile, says brigitte muller, landscape planner, botanist, artist and human being, thoughtfully. And the native of erlangen has already done and experienced quite a bit. After graduating from high school, she wanted to study, but her father died and she learned the profession of a draftsman and drew up plans for solid houses.

Once the youngest female excavator driver

With her first husband, iren kevin moyna, a gardener and musician, she went into business for herself. "But you can’t dig in the dirt during the day and play music in the evening", tells brigitte muller. So their paths diverged amicably, she took over the company, which is still called "moyna landscape planning" heibt. "At that time I was the youngest excavator driver in bavaria" with 21 years, the landscape planner remembers that her co-workers were haned because their boss was a woman. That is why they no longer called "the brigitte" at the construction site, but gave her the nickname "daniel".
With her second husband, a foreign legionnaire, she went to france for four years, where she was known as "danielle" became known. There she got to know a whole new life. "When i dug there, i was alone at the beginning, then neighbors came and helped, and there were eight of us. And in the evening there were 20 to celebrate", brigitte muller tells with a laugh. During this time she painted a lot. After the separation, she moved to kersbach and met and fell in love with thomas goldmann, a teacher from nurnberg. With him she built a house in burggaillenreuth, into which her mother also moved in. "I didn’t want to give any more wine bottles to my customers for christmas, so i made a calendar with photos of my pictures", the artist tells. One of these calendars came into the hands of the then cultural officer of forchheim and brigitte muller got her first exhibition with 128 pictures in the halls of the town hall.
Her calendars became more popular and the print run coarser. "In the beginning I did them myself, but my mother had alzheimer’s and I couldn’t leave her alone for long. Therefore I said to my customers that they must come to me", reports brigitte muller. And so they met once a year in the guesthouse in burggaillenreuth with vernissage and calendar distribution. "This has become a real exchange borse. If you have plants left over, you can offer them to others. Questions about the garden or garden pond are asked and answered. You network", says the landscape planner, who also studied construction technology, architecture, neighborhood law and botany.
A year ago, she started her "heart project". Brigitte muller studied, read books by famous scientists and collected everything about plants as living beings. "My customers have always had to help with the planting of my garden and "take plants in hand, says the landscape planner.

"Wood wide web"

This year she wanted to be in the 25. Calendar with pictures and texts to the world of the plants to make attentive. "We humans can’t live without plants; there would be no oxygen, no food, no clothes, no medicines", brigitte muller pays up enthusiastically and says that aliens could think that the world is ruled by plants when they were looking down on the earth from above. Because the plant kingdom represents 99.5 percent of the total biomass. Your calendar for 2018 is about the "wood wide web", mushroom threads that stretch for miles and fly over the information.
Or she describes the memory of plants, their internal communication and self-perception. "This is not esoteric, but scientific. The only difficult thing was to rephrase the scientific texts so that everyone could understand them.", reports brigitte muller, and hopes to get many people thinking in this way.

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