A training center for terrorist threats could be built near bamberg

a training center for terrorist threats could be built near bamberg

Bamberg does not need to hope that the training center of the federal police in bamberg will fall flat before 2025 or that it will reduce its peak capacity utilization with over 3,000 police officers and instructors.

So far, 2019 has been the end of peak occupancy. Also the politically desired release of the apartments at lindenanger and worthstrabe seems to have been ruled out.

Christian hinterstein, the conversion officer, spoke about this on thursday afternoon. The background to this is the plans of federal politicians to increase the federal police force from the current 41,000 to 55,000.

Hinterstein also reported on the federal police’s consideration of a training ground for "complex life-threatening situations" in either schweinfurt or bamberg build up. On a ten-hectare flat area on the other side of the autobahn (former tank washing area), police academics are to be trained for counter-terrorism operations.

Heinz kuntke (SPD) was not very surprised. He predicted that the federal police will continue to use the flat even after 2025. Criticism came from ursula sowa (GAL). She does not want to accept that the federal government will take 180 hectares in the long run. Densified building can help reduce the need for space. "Bamberg must not be fobbed off", said sowa.

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