A sign of confidence

A sign of confidence

Normally the gastronomes had hardly any time on a working day at the end of november. The first advent and christmas parties had to be prepared. Pre-christmas hustle and bustle became widespread. Baking squares, roasting goose, preparing cabbage specialties, making dumplings – the autumn and christmas season would be the time to put calorie payments on the back burner.

People were in the mood to go out, because december is the busiest month of the year. But this year everything is different. The lockdown light brings peace to the entire industry. However, not a soothing calm, but one that frightens many.

The restaurants are closed. Only an auber-haus sale is possible. Tourists – no sign of them. The restaurateurs are worried about the future.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, many people made their way to the ecumenical service in kulmbach. "We have always celebrated a service together. And such a service always brings something", says the chairman of the hotel and restaurant association, stephan ertl.

The service in the petri church had a symbolic character. "Today we want to pray together, take courage and recharge our batteries", said catholic city pastor hans roppelt. In faith, people could find cohesion, and in community, everyone could recharge their batteries.

The evangelical pastor katharina winkler drew on the image of the dark valley from psalm23 "the good shepherd at. It takes the concerns of the restaurateurs seriously. Yes, the whole industry is in a deep valley. But the hope that soon a light will appear and that the valley can then be crossed, remains.

Personal pleas

"We should also look at what we have: a roof over our heads, no hunger, health", said the pastor. Even if confidence is lost in some moments, you can always rely on god, was her message. The restaurateurs themselves had formulated very personal pleas for change.

The deanery cantor christian reitenspieb provided the musical framework for the ecumenical service for the restaurateurs.

After the service everyone was full of praise. The ecumenical service was a sign of confidence, gave strength. "Yes, it is a difficult time for us. We hope that everything will go well and that we will all be able to move on again soon", said dieter spindler from the "frankenwald" inn in stadtsteinach. "Now is the time to reflect. We were at the top. Always faster, higher, further, was our motto. Now we are forced to reflect, to pause for a moment", said andrea luger, district chairwoman of the german hotel and hospitality association of bavaria (dehoga).

Chance for a new beginning

Luger liked to see the pandemic as a chance to start anew. Of course, it is important that there is still gastronomy after the crisis. Therefore, she appealed to the people to support the restaurateurs.

Joachim hofmann of the "frankische schweiz" inn in kirchahorn also took a lot away from the ecumenical service. "I had the feeling that both pastors had put themselves in our position. I liked it a lot", he commented. But worries about income remain. Because many christmas parties have already been canceled. And the payments promised by the politicians are still awaited.

"But I hope that the money will come before christmas", emphasizes joachim hofmann.

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