Zeyern parish church is now barrier-free

Zeyern parish church is now barrier-free

He has already become: the "new" one church forecourt of the parish church st. Leonhard zeyern. The newly laid paving in a warm natural tone harmonizes splendidly with the elevation of the church and the newly created ramp with the sandstone edgings also blends in perfectly with the overall appearance. With the barrier-free access, a long-cherished wish of the church community has been realized.

"What lasts for a long time,…", during the evening mass on saturday, church administrator peter scherner explained that the church administration had already been working for several years on the implementation of barrier-free access. There had been two alternative proposals for the implementation – namely access via the rear part of the cemetery or via a neighboring property. However, since neither of these options was feasible, the only option left was to make one of the existing entrances barrier-free – and to do so with as little interference with the existing building as possible. With this, the plans for demolishing the right staircase on the side of the parish hall became more concrete.

Since this is a common access for church service and cemetery visitors, the request was presented to the municipality. "We immediately found favor", the church administrator, mayor norbert grabner, and the head of the building authority, katja wich, expressed their gratitude.

Only with regard to the building material was there a wish for change. "We then considered whether we should leave the old paving in place or make the entire square gentler", according to the church administrator. In hindsight, he said, people are glad and proud of the "rough" solution, developed in good cooperation between the church and political bodies, the archbishop’s building office and the office for the preservation of historical monuments.

His special thanks went to regional dean thomas teuchgraber, who supported the project but at the same time gave the church foundation free rein, as well as the company gareis-bau for the very successful implementation. "It is also very easy to observe that the new access was immediately accepted intensively", scherner was pleased.

However, the m-removal is not cheap. After deduction of the share of the parish and the subsidy of the archdiocese of bamberg, a contribution of 24,000 euros remains, which is why he asked for donations.

"In good cooperation something great was done here", mayor grabner saluted. "The result is even more beautiful than I had imagined", according to the head of the city council.

At the end of the service, the parish community gathered on the forecourt, which was blessed and officially opened by regional dean thomas teuchgraber.

New chaplain introduced

During the service, the new chaplain of the parish community of kronach, andreas stahl, was also inaugurated in zeyern. For bindlacher it is the second chapter in his professional life. The church administrator and the mayor pledged their full support, with grabner emphasizing the harmonious cooperation between politics and the church: "the town hall is always open to you". As a funeral gift, he presented him with a hiking map of the district and a CD of the zeyern music society.

According to regional dean thomas teuchgraber, every parish has different expectations and desires of a chaplain. But everyone had one hope, namely that he would be an affable pastor – one who would not just stay in the parish house, but would meet people in a simple and unsophisticated way, speak to them on the same level, walk through the streets with open eyes and ears, even the "simple man" perceive and absorb a lot of the encounters for himself.

The sermon was held by the new chaplain himself. When jesus in the gospel of markus (mk 7,6) describes the behavior of the pharisees with the words "this people honors me with its lips, but its heart is far from me" the chaplain, who was greeted with a "hello" from the youngest members of the team, said that it was not the appearance that mattered, but the inner attitude-burial song had considered.

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