What a lime tree has to do with a plot of land for a bike path widening

What a lime tree has to do with a plot of land for a bike path widening

Before the committee met in the town hall, the agenda included visits to the following sites. In breitenau, a linden tree was inspected, which often causes headaches for the local residents ready. He pointed to the leaves that repeatedly clogged the gutters of his house. He was forced to use a lifting platform to get the leaves out of there again. The shadows cast by the tree also reduce the output of his photovoltaic system. He had asked the city to remove the tree, as even extensive pruning, as carried out in 2016, was not expedient.

The bike path between breitenau and gauerstadt is in a desolate condition. In order to make it fit for use, the road, which is about 1.5 kilometers long, has to be paved with bitumen so that it can bear an axle load of eleven tons. The width must then be 3.50 meters. For mayor tobias ehrlicher, it is clear that this will no longer be a pure cycle path, but a "multifunctional path" becomes. "We must not ignore the fact that the project is being called for by 85 percent", he said. Land acquisition would be necessary to give the road the required width. This is where the burger from breitenau comes into play again. He spontaneously agreed to offer his land for sale. In turn, he hoped that the city would take care of the problem with the lime tree.

There was no discernible opposition when stephan schinck presented his plans to have an additional driveway built into his company. The committee was also informed about the progress of construction work on the fire station in gauerstadt. Architect horst dieter gohring expects building to be completed within next six months. The building committee agreed not to equip the public toilets in the gerold strobel hall with a changing table. The proposal of mayor ehrlicher to install one of the two toilets in the "BRK-hauschen" was followed in the ruckertstrabe to be able to install a changing table there.

It was unanimously decided to approach the government of upper franconia in order to obtain a subsidy for the planned traffic concept.

The committee agreed to charge a flat fee of 20 euros for deliveries of excavated earth of up to four cubic meters. The aim is to counteract the trend of increasingly small deliveries for which no calculation is made.

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