The old sander “illness”: no goal and no point again

FC sand once again came away empty-handed in the fubball-bayernliga nord on saturday. The "basket makers" lost on the eleventh matchday the away game at spvgg ansbach with 0:2 (0:1). The game shares as the chances were about equally distributed. But the westmittelfranken were more effective, used two opportunities and made by a penalty before the break and a goal after the break the bag before 350 spectators closed. The guest from sand could have earned a point, but it did not come to that, because once again the goal was not scored.

With two youth players

It’s like a jinx, and so FC sand has now remained winless for the fourth time in a row. Two reasons were decisive: the guests were once again able to muster only one notelf. On the eve of the game marc fischer had signed off because of a flu. Coach uwe ernst had to nominate the two A-juniors timo kossendey and linus krug. Krug was even in the starting eleven. In addition, after a long break, dominic leim and fabian roder had to start, both of whom still had training backlogs, which became clear as the game progressed. But coach ernst had no other choice.
The game at the xaver-bertsch-sportpark started promisingly from the point of view of the underfranconians. For tevin mccullough had two rough chances. His solo stopped ansbach goalkeeper sebastian heid with the fub, and a little later mccullough shot completely free past the goal from eleven yards out. Sand should have been at least 1-0 up by then.

Unfortunate foul before 1:0

Unfortunate then a situation after a good half hour. Youngster krug had hung at his debut unluckily against patrick kroib. The experienced sturmer fell in the penalty area, and referee elias worz had no other chance than to call a penalty, which ansbach’s interim captain max storzenhofecker, son of ex-club pro armin storzenhofecker (52), safely converted. In the camp of the FC sand the responsible persons struggled with the decision, which was however probably correct.
The "basket makers remained committed after the break. The effort to change the score was clear. There were also possibilities. Twice johannes bechmann had bad luck with his head in each case. Goalkeeper heid saved both times. Sebastian wagner had a very good chance with a free kick, oliver gonnert did not head accurately enough, and christopher gonnert missed another good opportunity.
How to score goals was demonstrated by the team from the central franconian district capital. Kroib scored the 2:0 after an inimitable solo effort (73).). Kroib had already shone with two great passes, but sven landshuter hit only the crossbar, and max storzenhofecker shot past the empty goal. But a higher defeat would not have been fair to the guests, because they had too many game shares. But sand did not take advantage of his opportunities, and so he ended up empty-handed once again.

Now comes jahn forchheim

Next saturday, FC sand will play at home against the promoted spvgg jahn forchheim, and the pressure to get a three-goal win in order to leave the relegation zone will surely increase.
The sander coach uwe ernst said: "we are empty handed again. I can’t blame the team, because they have tried everything. Unfortunately, we were once again unable to take advantage of our opportunities, and this became a hindrance to us in the end. Ansbach has not played uberragend, but has played more effectively than us in front of the goal, and so this defeat has come about, which is again very annoying."
Spvgg ansbach: heid – meyer, fursattel, dietrich, mechnik, beck, storzenhofecker, reutelhuber (74. Bachbauer), landshuter (85. Zillmann), kroib, muller (46. Belzner) / FC sand: medem – bechmann, nothling, leim, reith, wagner, roder (56. O. Gonnert), C. Gonnert, krug, T. Schlereth (87. T. Krines), mccullough / ref: worz (friesenried) / spectators: 350 / goals: 1:0 storzenhofecker (33. Penalty), 2:0 kroib (73.) / yellow-red card: meyer (89., repeated foul play) / –

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