The grobenseebach vacation program is cancelled this year

the grobenseebach vacation program is cancelled this year

Anette spletter has finally agreed to join the board of ursula kachlik-schrumpf, second chair birthe hecht, treasurer dorothea adomeit, and assessors erwin schmitt, alice guthlein, uwe wachs and barbel kirchberg.
In addition to managing the school lunch program, the association has also successfully organized a vacation program in recent years. A detailed report on last year’s program was given by organizer carmen gumbrecht. The children were particularly enthusiastic about the tree man craft and the woodworking session with burgermeister bernhard seeberger.
After that, however, carmen gumbrecht was bid farewell with a thank-you and a floral tribute. "I have organized the vacation program for six years. Since I no longer have children in elementary school, it is time for someone else to take over this work", she explained. Due to lack of organization there will be no vacation program in grobenseebach this year in any case.
Also a large part of the board announced to go into its last election period. The chairwoman no longer has school-age children, and the cashier is at an age when her grandchildren are already of school age.

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