Teacher unemployment almost largely eliminated in summer

Teacher unemployment almost largely eliminated in summer

Under pressure from the nationwide teacher shortage, states are less likely to send their salaried padagogues on summer vacation-unemployment than they were a few years ago.

"This practice has actually been largely discontinued in the meantime," said alexander lorz (CDU), chairman of the conference of education ministers (KMK), in an interview with the deutsche presse-agentur in wiesbaden. In the past, it had been quite common for contracts to be deliberately concluded only until the beginning of the summer vacations in order to save money, even though it was already known that the employee would continue to be employed after the vacations.

"To my knowledge, the lander have meanwhile issued more or less stringent regulations to prevent misuse of this instrument," explained hesse’s culture minister lorz. "This is no longer a problem, which of course has something to do with the very positive situation on the job market for teachers."Federal and state department heads meet in wiesbaden this thursday and friday. The summer vacations in berlin and brandenburg start on the 20th. June, followed by the rest of the federal states.

At the start of or during the 2018 summer vacations, around 6,000 teachers registered as unemployed nationwide, according to figures from the federal employment agency. In this period of time, a strong increase in the number of cases can be observed. Since 2014, the number has fluctuated between 6,500 and 6,000 teachers who usually return to work after the vacations. The federal agency cites temporary contracts and the end of traineeships as the main causes.

"We always have a certain increase during the summer vacations, which is due to trainees coming out of training," lorz explained. "In the current labor market situation, teachers are in most cases offered permanent positions at the beginning of the school year."

The GEW teachers’ union has expressed cautious praise: "we have noticed that most countries are now trying to avoid unemployment during the summer vacations," said national chairwoman marlies tepe. Only baden-wurttemberg and bavaria continue to be "absolutely stubborn". These countries are practically "unable to change their minds" and love fixed-term contracts to expire at the start of the summer vacations.

Tepe demanded that teachers who substitute for a colleague should also be allowed to work until the formal end of the school year on 31 december. July should be paid. "Most of the bundeslander have taken to it."As a good example, the union chairwoman cited rhineland-palatinate: there, for the first time in the current school year, the rule applies that all substitute teachers who were hired before 1. The ministry of education in mainz said that the teachers who have signed a contract by march of a year and are employed at least until the end of the school year "will be paid through the summer vacation without any ifs or buts. "This is a piece of justice for us and gives the teachers planning security."

In baden-wurttemberg, the highest number of teachers registering as unemployed during the summer vacations in a nationwide comparison – 1840 in 2018. The ministry of culture in stuttgart defended the procedure: temporary contracts were concluded in order to be able to react to illnesses and absences due to pregnancies, for example. Because the need was only temporary, the contracts were only concluded for a limited period until the summer vacations.

In bavaria, 800 teachers reported themselves unemployed at the beginning of or during the recent summer vacations. In the case of temporary teachers, who are hired no later than four weeks after the first day of school and are employed until the end of the school year, the employment contract usually ends on the penultimate day of the summer vacation, as a spokesperson for the ministry of education in munich explained. "So there is a continued employment in the summer vacations."

Only when teachers were hired later as temporary employees in bavaria did their employment contracts end at the latest at the end of the school year. Then at least the collectively agreed vacation is maintained. "Since there are no substitutes during the summer vacation, this small group of temporary teachers cannot continue to be employed over the summer vacation."

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