Special show with personal memories

Special show with personal memories

A large number of burghers have donated personal mementos to the herzogenaurach city museum in recent months. The gift-givers are particularly concerned that the objects are stored by a competent authority and remain accessible to the public. This is reported by irene lederer as director of the city museum in a press release.

A rough share of the donations will initially end up in the museum depot until new exhibition projects offer the opportunity to also show these exhibits and to focus on important events and epochs in the city’s history.

Rough thanks

Museum director lederer: "without the loans and donations from private individuals and institutions, many projects could not be realized. The museum is therefore grateful for this support, which enriches its work."

With a small special exhibition in the foyer of the town hall, the museum is now showing selected "treasures" from these passed and thanks thereby to the donors.

More so than in the past, the city museum now also specifically collects social and industrial history items, lederer reports further. The range is broad: in principle, everything that has to do with the herzogenaurach sporting goods or the schaeffler group is interesting, but personal objects with an interesting background story are also exciting.

Clear profile required

Lederer said: "unfortunately, not all of the gifts offered can be accepted, not only against the backdrop of scarce depot space." Because the question of which objects a museum should preserve is of permanent relevance. The city museum has therefore drawn up a strict collection concept as an indispensable basis for a future-oriented museum development. The aim is to maintain a clear profile with regard to herzogenaurach’s city history and to set its own priorities.

Thanks to generous donations from the citizens of herzogenaurach, the collection of the herzogenaurach city museum has been developed in this direction in recent months. In this context, the museum is still looking for photos, documents, film footage and meaningful objects about the history of the city.

The exhibition is open until 16. Marz on view during the opening hours of the town hall.

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