Seahorses save lives

Drowning is the second leading cause of death among children up to eight years of age. Swimming should be a matter of course for everyone, but often the parental and school responsibilities fail. The "seahorse" campaign the forum sport of the european metropolitan region nurnberg should counteract this shocking result. The goal is to teach as many elementary school students as possible how to swim.
"Every year there are many children who can’t swim, and we want to change that", says district administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD). On thursday, the award ceremony for the second season took place at the atlantis swimming pool in herzogenaurach. A total of 125 elementary schools in the nurnberg metropolitan region took part in 2011/2012, divided into three categories depending on the number of elementary schools.
14,031 children managed to bring home the seahorse swimming badge this year. The school that earns the most swimming badges in relation to the number of students wins a prize in this campaign. Two elementary schools from the local region came out on top this year. In the category of up to 150 pupils, kalchreuth elementary school took second place and received a prize of 250 euros. 92 out of 96 schoolchildren have a seahorse in kalchreuth. 93.4 percent of elementary school students in adelsdorf won the first prize in the category for schools up to 300 students and 500 euros.
The three best schools in each category received certificates, presented by district administrator irlinger.
The patron of the campaign, teresa rohmann, was a special guest. The german swimmer won several german championship titles, took gold at the 2004 short course championships and even took part in the 2005 olympic games in athens. "I support the seahorse campaign because I want every child to learn how to swim. There must be no danger when a family goes on a beach vacation", explains rohmann. The swimming instructors at the elementary schools were supported by graduates of the voluntary social year.
In herzogenaurach, the first successes are already being seen: there are no more non-swimmers in the fifth grade at the herzogenaurach high school. However, there is still work to be done at the main and secondary schools.
Thanks to the sponsors atlantis leisure pool in herzogenaurach and fackelmann therme in hersbruck, the campaign will be continued next year.

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