Positive things are brewing in the habberge district

positive things are brewing in the habberge district

A journey of discovery through the brewing culture of the habberge district was offered by the enjoyment festival all about local beer on saturday at the rudolf mett hall in konigsberg. The event had been moved there due to the forecast of bad weather, which in retrospect turned out to be a good decision. Despite the intermittent rain, many visitors came and tasted the different beers. They all taste good, as even experienced brewers confirmed.

It started at 14.30 o’clock, when the new beer princess kerstin friedrich, together with district administrator wilhelm schneider and mayor claus bittenbrunn, officially opened the festival with the beer tapping. Landrat wilhelm schneider succeeded flawlessly with a few strikes. Before the tapping, both had to answer some questions of the new beer princess. The numerous visitors were able to learn that the head of the city of konigsberg had long wished that the genussfestival (after habfurt, ebern and hofheim) would take place in konigsberg. Bittenbrunn was impressed by the fact that there are four municipal breweries in the city of konigsberg: dorflis, junkersdorf, unfinden and koslau.

District administrator schneider said he was pleased that the festival was a unique opportunity to get to know the different breweries and beers and to enjoy the variety on offer without having to drive all over the district. "I think it’s great that our breweries are pulling together and not seeing each other as competitors. In the meantime, networking with the municipal brewers is also taking place. I am very pleased to see that a lot of positive things are brewing here for our homeland."

The visitors naturally enjoyed the freshly tapped free beer. The whole area around the festival then turned into a pleasure mile, where the guests were treated to. The five local breweries raab (hofheim), goller (zeil), hartleb (maroldsweisach), bayer (theinheim) and schlossbrauerei "zeitlos" (timeless) (oberschwappach) poured their beer specialties fresh from the barrel. The municipal brewers from dorflis and unfinden also took part in the event.

There was also information on hops, malt and beer. At various stations, the visitors were given an insight into how beer is made and what ingredients and raw materials are needed for it.

Of course, a good beer also goes hand in hand with a decent meal. And that is why there were culinary specialties at the festival. Jonathan eller of auenland beef from hofheim and the konigsberg butchery stadler served dishes to go with the beer. Coffee and cake were provided by the cafe am marktplatz and silke beck from the cafe "zwergriese" offered homemade kaseplootz, streusel cake and crispy sticks.

But that wasn’t all: the zeller stammtischbrau with ex-beer prince sebastian gocker showed with his mobile, homemade brewing equipment how a good beer is made. The hobby brewers also spread the typical beer smell on the square in front of the town hall. The "la vita" group the "albertos" group, which was prevented from attending by illness, was represented by, with music for a good mood. At times long queues formed at the stands of the breweries. The first to stand had to be the unfindener schlieben. They had run out of beer.

In the course of the event, the visitors also learned that next year’s enjoyment festival will take place in eltmann.

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