Julis lament “lethargy

The young liberals (julis) are critical because they had hoped for more speed in the installation of the city’s WLAN network. The city council had already decided on the public WLAN in november 2016, recalls tobias lukoschek, the juli district chairman. "After more than a year of lethargy" were only now installed the first hotspots. Even if this seems to be a rough throw for the forchheim economic challenger viktor naumann", the approach was deplorable, says lukoschek. And explains: "in forchheim and franconia, there is a local community of freifunk with freifunk franconia.Net." While the city was only concerned about the city, the freifunk community had already opened up regions with weak mobile communications, such as serlbach and drugendorf. Tobias lukoschek dislikes the fact that this circumstance has not received any attention in the city hall since 2016, "despite public criticism and the demonstrably very good experiences of the cities of erlangen and ebermannstadt" have.

Deliberately delayed?

Years of voluntary work are neither rewarded nor demanded by the city of forchheim". "It is better to give a new contract to a regional utility company than to support the citizens in their work in the sense of subsidiarity." The deputy chairman of the district philipp schmalz asks whether the municipal utility and the economic challenger had taken their time with the installation of the hotspots to "foone", to be able to market the new telecommunication offer of the municipal utility "roughly flat"?

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