India’s government to lift curfew in kashmir

india's government to lift curfew in kashmir

The indian government plans to lift a curfew imposed in the coming days in the conflict over the autonomy of the indian region of kashmir. This is what a public prosecutor representing the government’s interests told the indian supreme court, as reported by the television channel NDTV on friday.

In addition, the authorities in the kashmir valley opened their doors for the first time in almost two weeks on friday. Classes are to resume in schools next week.

India’s government surprisingly revoked the semi-autonomous status of the region under its control, jammu and kashmir, at the beginning of last week, triggering the latest escalation in the long-running feud with arch-enemy pakistan. The population was not informed in advance. Tens of thousands of soldiers currently control the himalayan region, partly to prevent protests against the government’s actions in new delhi. A curfew has been in effect for almost two weeks, and internet and telephones are blocked.

Prime minister narendra modi wants to integrate the kashmir region more strongly into majority hindu india by lifting its special status. Until now, the region – inhabited mainly by muslims – has had its own constitution and extensive political powers, among other things. Many kashmiris are against the new regulation.

India and pakistan have been fighting over the himalayan region for more than 70 years. Two wars have already been fought over it. Both nuclear powers control part of kashmir, another part belongs to china. According to pakistan, several soldiers and civilians were killed on the border on thursday by shelling from india.

This friday, the UN security council in new york is to discuss the situation in kashmir behind closed doors, according to diplomatic sources. China had requested the session on wednesday.

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