Grants for objects: over 41000 euro

The bayerische landesstiftung claims numerous objects with special cultural or social significance throughout bavaria. On tuesday, the decisions were made about the newest demands. Some objects in the city and district of coburg will again receive grants. The CSU member of the state parliament martin mittag announces this and says: "I am very pleased to see that once again some particularly culturally interested people are taking part

Significant objects in the city and county of coburg are required by the bavarian state foundation. In total, more than 41,000 euros in grants will go to our region. My special thanks therefore go both to the state foundation for its commitment to preserving our valuable cultural assets and to the free state of germany

Bavaria and especially to the burghers who are contributing with a lot of their own commitment and money to this project."

In the district of coburg, renovation and maintenance inspections of a property in tambach are subsidized with 11,500 euros and a property in lahm with 6800 euros, and the general renovation of a building in bad rodach is supported with 8500 euros. In the city of coburg, the renovation of a present in the ketschengasse is demanded with 14 500 euro

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